Andros Syrup introduction

The newest product in our range of high-quality fruit ingredients: Andros Syrup, with various flavors to choose from and can be used in beverages such as cocktails, iced tea or to add a sophisticated touch for desserts.

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Andros syrups are sweetened with sugar cane, no preservative, and are ideal for creating high-end drinks. Andros offers a selection of 18 flavored syrups in 4 main groups:

  • Unique Andros Syrup: vanilla syrup,  chocolate syrup, almond syrup, and caramel syrup.
  • Fresh-Mint Andros Syrup: mojito syrup and green mint syrup.
  • Fruity Andros Syrup: blackberry syrup, Blue Curacao syrup, coconut syrup, green apple syrup, grenadine syrup, lychee syrup, peach syrup, passion fruit syrup, strawberry syrup.
  • Flowery Andros Syrup: rose syrup, jasmine syrup, Elderflower syrup.

Andros flavored syrups use only all-natural ingredients from the extract of flowers and plants. Packing in 700ml-high-quality glass bottles, Andros syrup not only looks really classy, but it’s also environmentally-friendly in all respects. Moreover, with a 2-year shelf life and a very competitive price, Andros syrup is a reference brand for restaurants, hotels and coffee shops!

Andros Syrup applications

When it comes to syrups, some people think of the sugar-water solution. There’s a lot more to the brand new Andros flavored syrups line (up to 18 flavors) and their applications than you might think. All of the Andros syrups have a rich, true flavor and are perfect for crafting signature drinks that your customers will order again and again as well as making consistent drinks every time, which enables your restaurants or coffee shop kitchens to run more efficiently and professionally. Let’s find out!

1. To create sophisticated mocktails with Andros syrup

Most non-alcoholic refreshing drinks (mocktails) consist of two main ingredients, syrup and soda, so the quality of the syrup is the decisive factor in the quality of these non-alcoholic beverages. With fruit juice or extract of flower & plants only, high-end Andros syrup could give a magnificent amount of aromas and flavor profiles to your mocktails, which can instantly transform your drinks from ordinary to extraordinary. Click here for the easy yet eye-catching Kiwi-Berry Lovely mocktail from 100% Andros’s ingredients.

2. To mix cocktails like a pro with Andros Syrup

Many cocktails benefit from sweetening but granulated sugar does not totally dissolve in cold liquids, particularly alcohol. Hence, pre-dissolved sugar syrup is used, it is the key element to ensure the high quality and consistency of every single drink in your cocktail bar.

A good cocktail requires the delicate balance between the proof of the spirit, sourness, sweetness, bitterness, salinity, temperature and texture. At Andros, we could offer a better option as our fine syrups made from all-natural ingredients only are great flavor enhancers, offering texture and depth. With Andros Syrups, professional mixologists and bartenders could easily control the discernible smoothness of cocktail thank to the sweetness of 2:1 sugar syrup. Andros flavored syrup could add mouth-feel and smoothness to your drinks.

Check out cocktail recipes using chunky and Andros syrup here.

3. To use Andros Syrup in making desserts, salads, and baked goods

Andros flavored syrups are good for more than just cocktails. With a wide range of flavors, Andros syrups are a great addition to salad dressings. Strawberry/ Blackberry syrup can also be used as glazes for meats in place of honey. And you can drizzle Andros chocolate syrups over desserts to add a nice zing. The wonderful flavor-variety and reasonable cost of good Andros Syrup (up to 700ml/bottle) have made them favorites everywhere with professional chefs, an indispensable ingredient in your professional kitchen.

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