As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, have you got recipes for the romantic Valentine’s Day menu? Frozen fruit cake is a must-have dessert that coffee shops and restaurant’ owners should add to the menu for this special day! Check out these romantic Valentine’s Day ideas for cake decoration from Andros.

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1. Elegant cake decorating with frozen blueberries (IQF) and fresh fruits

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This cheesecake from frozen blueberries would make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

You can make this cake with frozen blueberries as well as fresh blueberries. As frozen fruits contain a lot of moisture, it’s best to use frozen blueberries in this cake.

TIP: You should make blueberry sauce when the cake is about halfway done and just leave it in the saucepan to cool down. By the time the cheesecake is ready, the sauce will be cool enough. This will help you control baking time better and spread the sauce more easily, especially on Valentine’s day – one of the busiest days for your business

2. Classic cake decorating with frozen strawberry (IQF), fresh strawberry and whipping cream

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How about whipped cream frosting infused with frozen strawberries? Frozen strawberry adds vibrant color and stronger flavor to your frosting than fresh strawberries, so frozen strawberry is a great option for when you want that fruity flavor to shine in your cake.This very-berry layer cake topped with frozen strawberry whipped topping as well as fresh berries that will surely earn their place in your customers’ hearts.


TIP: With the help of frozen strawberries (IQF), you can tackle strawberry frosting easily. Combining frozen strawberries (no defrosting needed) and heavy cream in this recipe could help the whipped cream whips up quickly and holds its shape longer. Just give frozen strawberries a quick chop, place them in a food blender and puree, then gently mix them with the whipping cream.

3. Creative cake decorating with frozen apricot halves (IQF)

In most cases, bakeries and coffee shops’ chefs tend to use red or pink shades and hearted-shape for Valentines’ theme cakes. Still, you can try new colors to make it more interesting such as the vibrant color of apricots.

Your restaurant can offer a classic sweet and irresistible apricot tart with a twist- sprinkle coconut flakes and mint leaves (as the picture shown below)- on Valentine’s special menu. We recommend that you should use frozen apricots (IQF), as opposed to fresh, as frozen apricots tend to be sweeter. The finished product from frozen apricot would have a deeper, more complex flavor. Use frozen apricots for the best result.

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TIP: Remember to keep frozen apricots in the freezer until you are ready to work with them. As frozen apricots contain a lot of water, the fruit will soften and the color will bleed into the final product. Just remember to coat frozen apricots in some flour before baking. Because of all that extra water that frozen berries contain, they are heavy and they will often sink while baking. Use frozen apricots to infuse the bright flavor into each fluffy, fruity and tasty bite. Don’t forget to apply these tips for your Valentine’s baking!

With high-speed freezing technology (IQF), Andros offers a 100% natural frozen fruit product line, making it easy for you to create premium quality cakes. Click here for more information.

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