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Ho Chi Minh October 19, 2023 – The launching event of the TV show Super Cake was held at Andros Asia Representative Office with the attendance of nearly 50 guests including culinary artists, professional chefs, representatives of businesses in the fields of household appliances, F&B and representatives of press agencies.

Baking in Western countries and some Asian countries has become one of the fastest growing professions. Over the past 5 years, along with the development of the Cuisine – Tourism industry, baking industry in the Vietnamese market has tended to grow strongly.

Realizing the strong potential development of the baking industry, Super Cake was launched not only as a playground for skilled bakers to exchange, learn, and experience their professional skills, but also to connect between gourmets, creating excitement for audiences who love cakes and baking at home.

The program is coordinated by Ho Chi Minh City Television Station and TV Hub Joint Stock Company, with the companion of main Sponsor Andros Professional and is broadcast on HTV7 channel at 8:20 p.m. every Wednesday, from October 25, 2023.

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At Sieu Banh, 24 skilled bakers are divided into 8 groups, each of 3 people competing. The bakers will have to overcome challenges demonstrating their creative, ingenious and meticulous skills to conquer the jury according to the following criteria: delicious taste; Beautiful, creative presentation; comply with the assignment; Food safety and hygienic; Good presentation. The baker who wins each episode will have the opportunity to continue to the next rounds of the program.

Super Cake Challenge: At the beginning of each episode, the Judges will bring a Secret Box containing a surprise gift. These can be specially shaped cakes or unique ingredients to inspire creativity for bakers.

Super cake reveal is a challenge for bakers to show off their baking knowledge and talent. The cake owner who meets the judges’ criteria will receive a Sieu Cake Hat and have the opportunity to continue in next eposides.

Dramatic points of Sieu Banh

“Power bell”: This bell not only plays a role in signaling the start and end of competitions but is also the sound that helps create a turning point in the match.

The winner of the Super Cake Challenge will have the opportunity to disturb 2 opponents in the Super Cake Revealing contest by ringing the bell to call ‘7 Sour and Spicy Menu’.

Among the 2 users of the “7 Sour and Spicy Menu”, whoever quickly rings the bell will receive help from the Judges within 3 minutes.

“Sour and spicy menu of 7 dishes” is a “menu” that includes challenges that disrupt the competition process such as locking arms while baking, scooping dough with your mouth, dancing to a trending song in the bakery kitchen area…, helps bakers demonstrate competition strategies; visibility; the ability to improvise, handle situations and the bravery of the bakery chef.


Andros Professional is a brand specializing in providing specialized fruit products for baking applications produced from Vietnamese fruits, with technology and know-how from France. This brand currently offers a variety of products such as Top & Fill – fruit jam specialized for pastries, Filling – fruit jam specialized for baked goods, Puree – frozen fruit puree, IQF – frozen fruit.

Accompanying Sieu Banh as Main Sponsor, Andros Professional brings quality processed fruit products to inspire skilled bakers to unleash their creativity.


Accompanying Sieu Banh on the journey to find the most talented, outstanding pastry chef, develop and integrate into the Vietnamese bakery industry are the duo of main judges:

  • Judge Le Thi Kieu Oanh – Vietnamese culinary artist, Vice President of Saigon Professional Bakery Association, International Jury.
  • Judge Nguyen Thi Van Anh – Visual Chef, gold award at FHA Singapore 2022.

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Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 Ngoc Chau – a girl with a great love for food and cakes will be the host of Sieu Banh. Ngoc Chau has many opportunities to travel and enjoy cuisine and cakes around the world. She also appeared at the culinary show Top Chef Vietnam 2023 as a guest and hosted the semi-final episode of the competition. Trying out the role of host of Sieu Banh, the queen brings a new, explosive and fresh source of energy.

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Super Cake, a talent playground for skilled bakers, will be broadcast on HTV7 channel at 8:20 p.m. every Wednesday, from October 25, 2023.

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