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From its expertise of quality jam manufacturer, ANDROS has developed a range of fruit ingredients dedicated to the professionals of food and beverage.
Consistent in quality, our products have natural fruit taste by using ripened fruits to bring out the best quality to you.
With ANDROS, it has never been that easy to make delicious and eye-catching dishes and drinks!



Shelf life: 12 months
Net weight: 1kg
Sales packaging: Aluminium doypack with cap
Packing: 8 units
Storage condition: Cool and dry place. After opening, keep refrigerated and consume quickly.

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Top & Fill is a new product line of fruit filling, especially developed for cold pastry applications. Made from fresh fruits, it features balanced sweetness and natural fruit taste. With shining texture, real fruit pieces and easy to spread, Top & Fill is perfect to decorate desserts, filling mousse or layered cakes.

  • Up to 40% fruit content, not from concentrate
  • Intense & natural fruit taste, balanced sweetness
  • Shining texture with real fruit pieces
  • Just right viscosity to spread & pipe easily
  • Filling or/and topping for cold pastry applications
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