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Reserving the freshness and nutrition of the fruits, ANDROS products including preserves, frozen fruits, puree, chunky, etc. will be ideal ingredients for your quick and delicious party’s treats. With those products, being busy or not good at cooking won’t stop you from having a great party with friends and family. Following 3 ideas to level up your party with Andros desserts and drinks, your guests will be surprised because they not only look beautiful but also taste delicious. Keep your party drinks cool without watering by adding ice-cubes. Simply make in advance ice-cubes with frozen fruits from Andros. Your drinks will look beautiful, taste fresh and flavorful from all the extra fruits.

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Fruit Pizza

Let’s surprise your friends with a special pizza with fruits. All you need is some watermelon slices, then decorate with some ANDROS frozen fruits, preserves or condensed milk. Adding some herbs on top, then serving your “artwork” on a wooden tray to complete the look.

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Fruit Soda

Do not hesitate to serve your guests the soda mixed with ANDROS frozen fruits or chunky. Just open  ANDROS products and add to your soda, then it’s ready to enjoy! and serve the fruit directly in a cup with soda.

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Fruit Yogurt

Yogurt provides a lot of calcium, vitamins, minerals, etc. If you are looking for an idea of party dessert, just feel free to serve yogurt with some ANDROS fruits.

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