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The advantages of Fruit Filling jam that make your pastry irresistible

1. Why choose Fruit Filling jam for pastries?

A delicious cake is a combination of high-quality ingredients, standard recipes and talented bakers. Aside from familiar ingredients such as flour, butter, eggs, milk, etc, there is also Filling Jam – also known as Fruit Jam, one of the factors that make your pastries more delicious and creative.

Bánh ngọt

Filling jam – necessary ingredient to create delicious pastries

There are many different types of fruit jam on the market, many people mistakenly use the same type of fruit jam as long as it has the taste that they are looking for. However, in the F&B world, each type of fruit jam will be used for a different purpose.. Filling Jam is a fruit jam that is researched and produced exclusively to make pastries that are convenient, delicious, unaffected by temperature changes and possess countless other benefits. Let’s learn more about the advantages below!

Contains real fruit chunks

An important feature for the Filling Jam ingredient which pleases bakers and consumers iscontaining real fruit. There is no need to add an extra stage buying fresh fruit ingredients, or to cook to the correct temperature, with complex recipes. You can still ensure that you have in hand fruit jams that are easy to preserve, which will create the perfect cake.

Mứt Filling

The highlight of Filling Jam is that it contains real fruit pieces

Bakers should choose a high-quality fruit jam product from a famous brand. Usually, the amount of real fruit in Filling Fruit Jam is up to 40% with 100% natural fruit pieces, along with easy-to-use aluminum doypacks and glass jars, to preserve the best products.

Stable jam texture

Pastries are now more flexible and diverse to suit the tastes of customers. Fruit Filling jam is newly produced and researched with stable texture, which is not changed by temperature, easy to bake and refrigerate, easy to decorate. Thus, it can help bakers unleash their creativity and make pastries with fruit jam filling to satisfy the current demand for new pastries.

Bánh nhân mứt andros filling

Fruit Filling jam has a stable texture, making it easy to decorate pastries attractively and beautifully

Diverse application for pastries

Fruit Filling Jam, with the most outstanding feature of remaining stable with temperature, does not change flavor or shape when baked or refrigerated. Thus, in most of the pastries, Fruit Filling jam can be used to ensure the freshness to the end so that the consumers can fully enjoy the taste whether in baked or cold pastries.

Baked pastries:

This type of pastries has strict requirements, from the selection of ingredients to the time when the fruit jam is mixed in so that it is not burned, or how not to make the pastry go dry while baking. Baked pastries include a variety of cookies, sponge cake, croissant, donut, muffin, pie, chrysanthemum bread,…; each type needs different recipes, so please equip yourself with knowledge and techniques in making certain pastries with fruit filling.

Cold pastries:

Although this type of pastries does not require an oven, it also requires ingenuity from the bakers combined with Jam Filling – to retain the shape of the pastry when refrigerated. This type includes familiar desserts in restaurants such as cheesecake, mousse,… which are loved for their uniqueness in color and sweet taste.

macaron dau

Macarons are more attractive with fruit jam filling with chunks

Make the pastries more attractive

Besides the taste from the fruit is the visual attraction of fruit jams with fruit chunks. With a flexible and firm texture, fruit filling jam can be decorated into many different shapes, making the cakes more distinctive, eye-catching, and colorful.

2. Which brand of Fruit Filling jam is good?

Currently, you can easily find fruit jam with fruit chunks on the market, but to find a quality product, especially with the integrity of the real fruit, you should choose a reputable brand that ensures a delicious taste for your pastry and safety for the health of diners.

Production Materials

Fruit is the main ingredient in Fruit Filling Jam. Its raw materials are chosen from fresh and high-quality fruits, with a team of experts along with meticulous farmers in each processing stage of cultivation, fertilizing and selection. 

Production Line

To ensure that the fruit retains its original natural flavor, it is necessary to have a safe production line that ensures high standards from processing, storage, to transportation.

Note the ingredient list

When choosing a fruit filling jam product on the market, actively find out the ingredients before using. Besides the real fruit factor, choose products from reputable brands that have been trusted by many people.

In addition, choose products with convenient packaging, which is easy to store, so as not to affect product quality during usage.

  •   Produced by a long-standing brand

Choose a long-standing brand specializing in the production of fruit jam products, which is trusted and loved by customers around the world when creating pastries. ANDROS is a famous brand from France, specializing in the research and production of fruit products, including Fruit Filling Jam, which was born exclusively for baking.

Launched in 2021, ANDROS Fruit Filling Jam – an “undefeated” ingredient in the baking industry, enabling bakers to be confident in their creations, is a solution for baking from fresh fruit ingredients, helping customers enjoy the fullest fruit flavor.

mut filling andros 4

ANDROS Fruit Filling Jam – a great assistant of bakers

The highlight of ANDROS’s fruit filling jam is known to be the ingredients of natural fruits, with more than 40% made up of real fruit, and the flavors designed to enrich the taste of baked goods and cold pastries.

With aluminum doypack, the product will be protected from external factors (temperature, light), with clean, non-toxic materials, ensuring unchanged taste for uniformity in the output products.

Currently, ANDROS Fruit Filling Jam has 6 flavors of temperate fruits: Apricot, Cherry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Apple and Blueberry, suitable to the taste of the majority of consumers.

fruit filling strawberry

ANDROS Strawberry Filling – 40% of real strawberry content

You can easily buy ANDROS’s fruit filling jam products with fruit chunks by contacting Andros Asia through the information below for advice and dedicated support!


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