All tasty pastry recipes for special occasions

On every holiday and anniversary, pastries are almost indispensable food. Moreover, if you make your own pastry, it will make that anniversary much more impressive and meaningful.

So what kind of pastry should be made to suit each important occasion? You can see 6 recipe suggestions right below!

Strawberry Tiramisu – sweetness for Valentine

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for couples to express their love. In addition to giving conventional pastries and candies like chocolate, you can make a little more novel pastry to conquer your lover. A Strawberry Tiramisu, which is both delicious and good-looking, will be your perfect ‘side-kick’ for a sweeter Valentine’s Day.

The recipe for this pastry is quite simple, and not time-consuming. After preparing the ingredients, let’s check out the steps to make Strawberry Tiramisu here.

Stawberry Tiramisu

Colorful Macaron – for the women you love

Macarons are small, round and colorful pastries. These lovely cakes you can make for the important women in your life on special days like Vietnamese Women’s Day, International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day.

Macaron recipe is not difficult to follow, but it will require a little meticulousness to make a beautiful round piece of macaron for the one you love.

Check out the instructions here


Simple homemade mooncakes for the Mid-Autumn Festival

Mooncake symbolizes family reunion and is an indispensable part of every Mid-Autumn Festival. Mooncakes are very meaningful gifts for relatives and families. You can refer to the mooncake recipe below:

See step-by-step instructions for making mooncakes

Moon Cake

Spider Cake to make Halloween night more special

Halloween is a festival of Western origin. At Halloween parties, participants will have to dress up as spooky characters, so to increase the horror, you can make Spider cake to enhance the spookiness for the party.

See step-by-step instructions for making Spider Cake.

Spider cupcakke

Cherry Apricot Cheesecake for Vietnamese Teachers’ Day

Vietnam Teachers’ Day, November 20, is a day to show gratitude to teachers, which expresses the traditional spirit of “respecting teachers and knowledge” in Vietnam. On this day, in addition to giving flower bouquets and common gifts, you may give a cherry apricot cheesecake when visiting your teacher.

The cake recipe is quite easy for adults or students of school age. Gifts handmade by their own students will surely make teachers very happy!

See instructions for making this Cheesecake here.

Cheese cake

One-of-a-kind Yule log cake for Christmas:

Yule log cake is a beloved cake in Christmas parties, which will warm up the Christmas atmosphere. Compared to the above pastries, Yule log cakes are a bit more sophisticated regarding how to attain a nice Yule log shape.

Although there are a lot of steps in the process, these steps are not difficult to do, you just need to invest a little time to make this beautiful cake.

You can see baking instructions here.

Christmas Cake

Where to buy ingredients for a delicious pastry?

To make a delicious pastry, you need to choose high-quality ingredients with reliable origin. In particular, for the pastry filling, you should choose pureed, pre-processed fruits customized for baking to help the finished products become more perfect. Here are some suggestions when buying ingredients that you can refer to

Andros Professional – Frozen Fruit (IQF)

This is a product line of fresh fruits being quickly frozen by high-end technology (IQF) to help maintain the fruit’s original shape. The fruits for freezing are all 100% fresh and ripe, which have been grown in Vietnam.

You can’t always get delicious fresh fruits when you make pastries because of factors like season, failure to find the desirable fruits. With optimal freezing technology, frozen fruit is the top choice for pastry ingredients.

Frozen Fruits

Andros Professional – Fruit puree

Fruit puree is a product line made from 90% fresh fruit. As Andros fruit puree uses natural processing without coloring or flavoring agents and attains sweetness from cane sugar combined with aroma from fresh fruit, it will be the best filling for any kind of pastry. Andros Professional – fruit  puree product line includes a variety of pureed fruits, you can see more here. 

Frozen Fruits Purees

Andros Asia is a supplier of baking ingredients based in France, the land of pastries. Based on the variety of pastries, Andros had the opportunity to research and try the recipe on each cake to find the best fit, so the ingredients from Andros are sure to conquer any baker or even the most demanding pastry expert.


The above pastry recipes are for you to make at home or make at your pastry store. With recipes created by leading experts in the baking industry, these pastries will help you captivate your customers.


To be able to keep up with the trend of the F&B industry, do not hesitate to contact Andros Asia directly for advice and dedicated support. Get ready to create brand new and unique recipes for your store!


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