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tamarind purist

Enhance the pureness of tamarind with Tamarind Purist! Inspired by a childhood favorite: iced tamarind, Tamarind Purist has a stronger Tamarind flavor with granita texture, made with Andros Tamarind & Palm seed Chunky and made even more delicious from Top Up Coffee Jelly. Adding the richness with a layer of Coconut foam on top, making the drink more appealing to the customers!



  • Andros Top Up Coffee Jelly: 30ml
  • Jasmine green tea: 120ml
  • Sugar syrup: 20ml
  • Coconut foam: 50g
  • Andros Top Up Coffee Jelly: 50g
  • Ice cube


Put Tamarind & Palm Seed Chunky, jasmine green tea and sugar syrup in a blender, then blend with ice.

Add Top Up Coffee Jelly in the bottom of the glass. Then pour the blended mixture into a glass and put Coconut Foam on the top.

Garnish with tamarind, green leaves and pretzel.

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