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bonne maman

Always crafted in the French village of Biars, BONNE MAMAN is an exceptional “savoir faire” born of a long tradition. And the secret of BONNE MAMAN Preserves is simple – its ingredients. Using only 100% all-natural ingredients, everything in BONNE MAMAN jars could easily be found in your Grandmother’s kitchen cabinet. Our delicious Preserves are prepared with only the finest fruits, carefully selected and gently cooked. Each preserve features tasty and melty fruit pieces which give a delectable taste in every spoon.

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Shelf life: 24 months
Net weight: 750g
Sales packaging: glass jar
Packing: 60 units

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For households who can’t get enough of our delicious BONNE MAMAN preserves, we offer a larger, family-sized jar for your delight, with four selected essential flavours.

Four Fruits
Bitter Orange
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