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Predict popular trends in bartending for cafe and restaurant business

In the “new normal” after the Covid-19 pandemic, every day, bartending trends are changed to show variety, attract returning customers and welcome new ones. What are the drinks that will be hot-trend in the near future?  Who run cafes, bars, pubs, restaurants,… may consult this article and create drinks that are suitable for their brand!

1. Drinks that growing in popularity on the menus of cafes and restaurants

Currently, beverage menus are moving towards drinks made of fruit jam with fruit chunks and fresh fruit. This is an ingredient containing many vitamins and nutrients beneficial to the body, especially with a variety of different flavors for bartending experts to create according to customer preferences.

Fruit tea

Fruit tea has been expected to continue to be present in menus of either small bars or luxury restaurants. Fruit tea is always loved by young people and connoisseurs because of its delicious taste. With familiar ingredients such as leaf tea, flower tea, and mixed fruit jam, fruit tea makes a great drink to sip during conversations, fueling days of study and hard work.

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Fruit tea has been the beverage choice of many diners

On summer days that need refreshments, the shop owners can create variations from a variety of teas such as jasmine, borage, oolong, etc., with the bartending ingredients of mixed fruit jams, which possess a sour taste or are made from tropical fruits.

As for the days with cold weather in Autumn – Winter, it is suggested to make hot teapots from lotus tea, rose tea, earl grey tea,… with fragrant fruit jam made of fresh fruits such as ANDROS Pear & Chrysanthemum Chunky, or ANDROS Lychee & Rose Chunky. The hot teapot will help warm up and purify the body.

You can refer to the simple fruit tea recipes that are easy to make HERE!


Mocktail is a new variation for those who like the beauty and harmony of Cocktail’s ingredients but not a fan of the pungent taste of alcohol. Mocktail, with its standard flavors, is suitable for many different audiences, including drivers, women and children.

Mocktail is also a kind of drink made from popular ingredients such as soda, soft drinks, honey, milk, etc.; in particular, it has a colorful appearance and outstanding flavors made up of fruit, fruit jam and fruit syrup. Mocktails are often served  with savory dishes to help stimulate appetite and better digestion.

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The highlight of the Mocktail is that it is alcohol-free, it has the new taste attracting many different classes and genders

You can refer to the unique and attractive Mocktail recipe HERE!

Cold Brew

Although it just appeared recently, this product line has been in many shops and restaurants and is particularly popular. Currently, Cold Brew has many types such as coffee, tea, milk tea; the characteristics of these products is the cold brewing process.

Cold Brew coffee has a slightly sour, bitter taste and a sweet aftertaste. The way to make it is to leave the coffee powder for 12 to 24 hours at normal temperature so that the essences can be extracted later. The product can be stored for 2 to 4 weeks in the refrigerator.

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Cold Brew combined with fruit jam flavors will create an innovative recipe in the future

Cold Brew Tea is made by soaking tea leaves or tea bags in plain water, then refrigerating for 10-12 hours; the tea leaves will automatically expand without using hot water as usual. This will prevent the tea leaves from secreting Tanin – a substance with a bitter taste, which helps the taste become sweeter and more elegant.

You can refer to the unique and attractive Cold Brew recipe HERE!

Cocktail/ Mojito (with alcohol)

Alcoholic beverages are always the first choice for diners who want to get a little tipsy to express their feelings, in parties or at times for themselves.

Cocktails with basic ingredients of background wine, juice, wine, syrup, herbs,… will be processed into a glass of drink with beautiful appearance and ecstatic taste by the professional hands of bartenders.

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Cocktails are always attractive with the appearance and taste created by mixing a bit of bitterness of alcohol and other ingredients

Mojito has ingredients of Rum, fresh lemon, mint leaves, soda, sugar,… and is an alcoholic drink suitable for hot weather days. In a hot summer day, menus with Mojito will surely be outstanding and attractive. Bartenders can make modern Mojito variations by not using alcohol or using fruit jam with fruit chunks to reach a wider audience.

 You can refer to the unique and attractive Mojito recipe HERE!

2. ANDROS Chunky – the right ingredient to catch the new bartending trend

To keep up with new bartending trends in the future, ANDROS Chunky – a fruit jam dedicated to bartending, confidently becomes a shining star which has won the love from diners. It can be applied for many kinds of customers and in many different types of drinks; not only in basic drinks such as fruit tea, milk tea, smoothies, yogurt,… but also in other creative beverages, mixed fruit jam is always a worthy ingredient.

Cocktails are always attractive with the appearance and taste created by mixing a bit of bitterness of alcohol and other ingredients

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ANDROS Chunky – the right fruit jam product to catch the trend

The highlight of the product is that it comes from the ANDROS brand – a brand from France with long experience in the field of research and production of fruit products. ANDROS Chunky has more than 45% of ingredients made of real diced fruit,  no preservatives, odorants and colors, and is safe for the health of users.

Moreover, Andros Asia always researches and understands consumers to come up with new flavors; now there are up to 18 different flavors made from tropical and temperate fruits… for cafes, restaurants, bars to use and invent recipes to keep up with changing trends in the bartending industry.

Andros Asia provides professional ingredients for the F&B industry, raw materials are supplied from a large fruit growing region in Vietnam. You can directly contact Andros Asia through the information below for dedicated advice and support!

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