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All you need to know about mixed fruit jam for drinks in bars and cafes

In addition to coffee, the fruity drinks commonly found in drinking bars are always an exceptional choice for diners. Let’s find out which kind of mixed fruit jam can become the protagonist creating an explosive and distinct flavor for drinks.

It can be said that, for baristas, bartenders as well as those who are passionate about bartending and discovering unique drinks, Syrup, Puree and Chunky have become very familiar ingredients. It is thanks to these ingredients that the bartenders can bring the soul of fruity taste into drinks.

Among those three names, mixed fruit jam (Chunky) is probably the most commonly favorite ingredient because of its wide range of usage, various features and high convenience in the world of beverage preparation. Let’s find out what is so special about this soul ingredient of those drinks.

Chunky là gì mà quan trọng với dân pha chế đến vậy?

1. What is mixed fruit jam?

Since the Stone Age, people have found a way to preserve fruits and other foods for a longer time. That is considered a remarkable step forward for mankind which saves effort in gathering, hunting, and improving the performance of each individual.

In ancient Rome, although sugar was not yet born, people already learned how to marinate fruit in honey to create a food that is both delicious, sweet and well-preserved over a long time. It was the forerunner of today’s fruit jams.

Mixed fruit jams (also known as Chunky) are sauces or jams that still contain pieces of fruit. Chunky is a commonly used ingredient in the field of bartending or decorating drinks. Besides, Chunky jam can also be extremely suitable for pastry applications.

In general, no matter which purpose it is used for, baking or mixing, Chunky is still the most ideal choice to enrich the flavor as well as create delicate beauty and color for the finished product. From fruits to even flowers, fresh fruit preserves can still offer enchanting “tasty” colors to your drinks and cakes.

Even more, in addition to the unique flavor and beautiful decoration it offers, one of the most important reasons why people choose Chunky is its convenience.

With special processing methods, mixed fruit jam can still retain the original flavor of fruit for a long time. Besides, during its production, Chunky is also packed in convenient 1kg aluminum doypacks to make transportation easier than ever. With the great advantage of convenience, the appearance of Chunky makes it possible for everyone to enjoy the fresh, ripe taste of fruit simply anywhere.

Tính tiện lợi của mứt trái cây pha chế giúp mọi người có thể dễ dàng thưởng thức hương vị trái cây ở bất kỳ đâu.

2. Application of mixed fruit jam

With the above uses, it is not too strange that Chunky is always trusted by baristas and bakers to create key flavors for their finished products. So specifically, what are the most common uses of mixed fruit jams?

2.1 Drinks

As mentioned above, Chunky is one of the most important ingredients to create fruit-based drinks. A few well-known names are cocktails, mocktails, smoothies, fruit teas…

The cocktail called Saigon By 9 is an example. Besides Andros Jasmine Syrup and Gin, one of the ingredients to create the unique flavor of this cocktail is Andros Chunky Pineapple.

Meanwhile, with fruit teas, it is impossible not to mention Love Rosie. The combination of strawberry tea and Chunky Lychee & Rose made everyone fascinated and excited when taking a sip of this unique drink.

Mứt trái cây pha chế là nguyên liệu quan trọng cho các loại Cocktail.

2.2 Cake

In addition to the wide range of applications in drinks, mixed fruit jams also prove their strengths in the field of baking. Chefs often choose Chunky to make cakes (baked cakes and cold cakes) or topping and desserts (jelly, panna cotta…)

For the fans of tasty desserts, Parfait (a type of French pudding) is a familiar and irresistible name. In case you don’t know, the chia seed parfait has mesmerized diners with the familiar and always attractive Andros Chunky Strawberry. Besides Parfait, Charlotte Cakes often use fresh fruit jam as the main ingredient.

Chunky có thể ứng dụng làm các món tráng miệng độc đáo như thạch jelly

2.3 Savory dish

That’s right, you didn’t read it wrong. Chunky is also considered a popular choice of first-class chefs around the world when preparing savory dishes, and more specifically, fruit-flavored sauces. Passion fruit sauce, tropical sauce or orange sauce which are popular in savory dishes can all be made from Chunky.

3. Certain types of fruit jams are indispensable when trading drinks

The bartenders always know how to choose quality fresh fruit jams for themselves to create the most satisfactory finished products. One of the most chosen brands is ANDROS.

What makes ANDROS Asia increasingly become the most trusted brand by the bartenders is the careful improvement of Chunky products according to market trends. Not only quality assurance, but Chunky’s variety of flavors is also a strong point that makes many experts decide to accompany ANDROS on the way to creating great drinks.

ANDROS luôn biết cách chăm chút cải tiến sản phẩm Chunky theo xu hướng thị trường

In addition to single flavors such as Peach Chunky, Pink Guava Chunky, Andros Asia had a breakthrough when launching Chunky products that combine fruits and flowers (Lychee & Rose, Pear & Chrysanthemum), combine many types of fruits (Soursop & Apple, Melon & Peach), and even combine seeds and herbs (Apricot, Acerola & Chia) to offer customers a wider range of choices.

Who operating restaurants and bars surely can’t do without Chunky Andros Asia fruit jam! To understand deeper about the products and opportunities to develop in the F&B industry, you can contact Andros Asia directly through the information below for fast advice and support!

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