Locally-sourced fruits do not only bring you the perfect flavours for your cakes and drinks, but they are also very good for the environment and local communities. Let’s find out more through this article!

Add more jobs to local communities


Small and medium local farms are excellent for the local economy because they create more jobs for communities. By choosing food produced locally, you’re supporting local agriculture and production, including farmer retention on farmlands, employment growth, and greater income generation at the community level. The money that is spent with local farmers and growers all stays close to home and is reinvested with businesses and services in your community. As a result, you would contribute to helping your friends, neighbors and other community members find sustainable employment.

Increase local ecosystem’s resilience


Did you know that eating locally grown food even helps in the fight against global warming? It’s simply because purchasing locally-sourced fruits encourages biodiversity. Instead of a region specializing in one or two crops and exporting to foreign markets, local farms and orchards can use a variety of produce types, helping to preserve the genetic diversity of produce, which helps to enhance biodiversity and provide more options to the consumer. Biodiversity is not only good for healthy soil and preventing widespread plant disease, it also plays an important role in ensuring ecosystem stability. More resilient ecosystems can be beneficial for mitigating the impacts of droughts and floods and other extreme weather events.

Economical price due to saving transportation costs

Do you know that some fruits are shipped literally thousands of miles? As locally sourced fruits takes less fuel to transport goods than it would to transport them across the country or across continents, they are cheaper than imported fruits. Moreover, locally sourced fruits don’t create large fuel emissions through overseas plane travel or long truck trips, they are also better for the environment.

At Andros we want to contribute to achieving sustainable development and healthy communities by choosing seasonal and locally-sourced fruits such as calamansi, pink guava, mango, pineapple for our top-notch quality products.

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