Jam Filling – Perfect fruit jam filling for your bakery store

For jam filling in cake, choosing high-quality fruit jam is the deciding point as for whether the cake is good or bad. The better the ingredients, the more attractive the cake will be.

Therefore, choosing jam filling for the cake is the top concern of bakers. Understanding that, Andros Asia has launched the Jam Filling product line with ingredients containing real fruit pieces. This is an ingredient produced exclusively for applications in the baking industry, helping bakers save time and effort, operate conveniently, easily and produce products with the best taste.

With jam filling you will enjoy the perfect taste of fruit jam, which promises to be a great solution for your baking. Take a look at this article “Jam Filling – The perfect fruit jam filling for your bakery shop” to understand why this is an innovative solution for the baking industry!

What is Jam Filling? Origin of Jam Filling

Jam Filling is a type of jam researched and produced by Andros Corporation. This is a long-standing corporation based in France, the land of famous delicious pastries in the world. Andros Group’s product lines are loved by bakeries and coffee shops and used as ingredients for their products.

In particular, the new ANDROS Professional product line is produced specifically for the baking industry. The products are all made from the freshest fruits, promising to conquer even the most demanding baking experts, while still help to save money. It takes time to prepare and delivers an irresistible taste.

Jam Filling is also a product of Andros Professional, very easy to use and can be used in a variety of applications for cold cakes and baked items. So, why is this fruit jam from Andros so convenient? Let’s see the difference of Jam Filling – belonging to the ANDROS Professional product line!

Filling jam

3 advantages that make Jam Filling stand out

Inherited and developed from the famous jam recipe from France – the land of pastries


Before the Jam Filling product line was born, Andros Corporation had successfully developed Bonne Mannan jam, which is no stranger to cake lovers around the world thanks to its high-quality fruit jam.

The combination of cake and Bonne Manne fruit jam has formed the habit of eating pastries with fruit jam as it is today. So, when the Jam Filling product line was developed and customed for pastries, many bakers trusted it to make their pastries more delicious.

Jam Filling contains pieces of real fruit, making the pastry filling different from just using ordinary jams. Andros’s fruit jams are selected from the freshest, ripest fruit for processing. Jam Filling has 3 flavors: Andros Apple Filling, Andros Strawberry Filling, Andros Blueberry Filling, suitable for a variety of applications.

3 flavour of anros filling jam

3 flavors of fruit filling jam for baking are loved by many bakers

Easy storage – No worry about the shelf life

This is also an advantage that makes Jam Filling so popular. Through research from experts, to ensure the freshest taste, Jam Filling products are packed in aluminum doypacks to help prevent the effects of oxygen and light, helping to preserve the original color and flavor of the product.

This also helps different batches of pastries to have a consistent quality; even after the lid is open, Jam Filling still does not lose its quality.

Thanks to modern preservation methods, the shelf life of Jam Filling can be up to 12 months. You can store it at room temperature, but after opening the lid, you need to keep it refrigerated at 4oC and use up within a short time.

Convenience for use

Jam Filling is packed in an aluminum doypack with lid, with a compact size (1kg), which is very convenient because it can be used immediately when opened. The packaging of the product is convenient, easy to get the fruit jam out when you make the cake.

In particular, fruit jam products for baking retain their flavor and texture when baked or refrigerated, thus ensuring the quality of any pastry they are used for.

You just need to buy one kind of fam filling to use in many kinds of pastries; this will definitely be the fruit jam chosen by many bakers thanks to not only the quality but also the cost savings of ingredients.

Jam Filling – fruit jam for perfect pastries, helping to enhance the flavor of a variety of cakes

To make the cake unique and conquer the most demanding customers, the baker must not only be creative but also be really meticulous in choosing ingredients.

Andros fruit jam contains real fruit pieces, with natural sweetness and fruity aroma, bakers can freely be creative with their pastries, making the cakes even more delicious.

Fruit jam is suitable for baked goods

Baked goods require sophisticated technique and ingenuity from bakers. Through each meticulous process such as baking the dough, shaping the cake, adjusting the appropriate temperature, the cake filling also needs to be carefully selected to contribute to a perfect cake.

With Jam Filling from Andros, fruit jam will not change flavor when being baked with cakes and will create an attractive aroma for baked goods.

Cherry pie

Fruit jam filling is perfect for baking


Use Jam Filling for cold cake filling

Cold cakes (layer cake, pie, cheesecake, …) are pastries with fresh cream as the main ingredient, thus, most cold cakes are often combined with fruit jams to attain sweetness and diversity in cakes.

You can use Jam Filling that contains authentic fruit to add to these cold treats. When biting a piece of cake containing fruit jam filling, the fat from the cream, the sweetness of the jam and the chewy piece of fruit will be unforgettably delicious for those who enjoy it.

Apple Mousse

Delicious toppings for cakes

In addition to cake filling, you can use Jam Filling can also be used to make toppings for cold cakes, which not only are delicious but also help the cakes look beautiful. You can use fruits of the same type of jam filling to decorate the cake.

Blue berries cheese cake

Choosing high-quality fruit jam is not easy, bakers should choose products of clear origin and quality assurance from reputable suppliers. Andros Asia is committed to guaranteed origin and processing as introduced to customers. If you still have questions, you can contact Andros Asia directly through the information below for advice and dedicated support!

Representative office in HCMC: Room 902 – 904, 9th floor, Women’s Building, 20 Nguyen Dang Giai, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, HCMC, Vietnam

Factory: Lot 47-49-51, My Tho Industrial Park, Trung An Commune, My Tho City, Tien Giang Province

Hotline: +84(0)28 3519 0228

Email: contact@andros-asia.com / orders@andros-asia.com

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