IQF frozen fruit – The novel trend in the F&B industry

IQF is the acronym for Individual Quickly Freezer, which means a flash freezing system specialized for individual products. This is the technology that Andros Asia applies to its frozen fruit products. IQF technology can accelerate fruit freezing impressively within 70 to 100 seconds with fast-paced contact temperature gradually declining from -35℃ to -43℃, which helps maximize the size of ice crystals formed inside food products. At the same time, IQF technology also prevents the destruction of fruit’s natural structure, bringing freshness as well as keeping the nutrients intact in the frozen fruits.

Trái cây được cấp đông siêu tốc (IQF)

To better understand Frozen Fruit and IQF technology – a breath of new life in the F&B industry, don’t miss this article!

1. Notable features of IQF frozen fruit:

  • Frozen fruits will retain the freshness and nutrition of natural fruits ranging from temperate to tropical ones
  • Flash-freezing preserves the natural flavor and juiciness of the fruit
  • Quick freezing retains fruits’ original size and color consistency
  • IQF allows longer shelf life than traditional freezing
  • Frozen fruits are convenient for year-round use, regardless of the season
  • Fruit freezing ensures safety and stability in quality and price, resulting in excellent and consistent finished products
Trái cây đông lạnh túi 300gr tiện lợi với định lượng phù hợp cho khách hàng cá nhân, gia đình,...

Convenient 300gr packs of frozen fruit with suitable size for individual customers, families…

  • Andros Asia’s frozen fruits are manually sorted, carefully selected from the best source and variety, thoroughly processed and quickly frozen right after harvest.
  • In particular, Andros Asia has 9 popular flavors that are widely used in all countries around the world, including Mango – a pure Vietnamese flavor with the cooperation between Andros Asia and Vietnamese farmers.
Trái cây cấp đông Andros Asia với những hương vị trái cây thuần Việt

2. Application of frozen fruit:

Frozen fruit is a perfect ingredient that helps F&B stores save time and optimize costs. Not only used to make convenient breakfasts, IQF frozen fruits are also used in baking and making beverages, and can even be used as sauces… which are delicious and nutritious.

Here are the 4 most popular uses of IQF frozen fruit:

2.1 Smoothies/juices:

Take an adequate amount of fruit and defrost it, then serve as fresh fruit. Put the fruit in a blender with yogurt, milk, or orange juice and puree until the mixture is smooth. So, you shall have a nutritious smoothie right away. This is also a solution for beverage stores to save time and stabilize their menu year-round regardless of fruit seasons or increase in fruit prices.

Làm sinh tố dinh dưỡng cùng trái cây đông lạnh Andros

2.2 Cake filling:

When making the filling, add frozen fruit and cook with the other ingredients. This will help enrich the flavor and natural taste of the cake with 100% authentic fruit flavor.

Ứng dụng của trái cây cấp đông Andros trong việc làm bánh

2.3 Decoration:

Besides being used to prepare beverages and bake cakes, frozen fruit is also the “savior” to touch up dishes and drinks with freshness from new harvest, bringing a crisp and authentic feeling to the joy of customers.

Trái cây đông lạnh trang trí bánh hoặc nước

2.4 Sauce:

Sauces for savory dishes: Depending on the type of dish, we can make different sauces. To make the sauce, after defrosting you will need to simmer the frozen fruit first. Then, add the necessary spices to enhance the flavor of the sauce.

Nước xốt làm tăng hương vị độc đáo cho món ăn

Sauce for decoration: Simply simmer frozen fruit until it forms a thick paste and spread it over dishes for an appetizing color.

Above are some simple applications of frozen fruit. Depending on the purpose of use, you can also use frozen fruit in other creative ways for products in your store.

3. Storage and usage instructions:

  • Store at freezing temperature from -18°C to – 23°C
  • Each time using frozen fruit, just take the right amount to defrost; or put frozen fruit in the refrigerator at about 1°C – 3°C  and then use the fruit gradually within 3 days after that. Leaving frozen fruit at that temperature for longer is likely to spoil it and make the fruit lose its original nutrients, just like the case for fresh fruit.
  • Frozen fruit should be used right after defrost, once the product has been defrosted, it cannot be refrozen. This is also an important consideration when using any frozen product.

4. Andros frozen fruit trusted by chefs and bartenders:

With a long history of producing high quality jams from France, Andros Asia has developed a wide range of fruit products for professionals in the food and beverage sector.

Trái cây đông lạnh Andros Asia được chọn từ nguồn và giống tốt nhất

Andros Asia’s Frozen Fruits using 100% IQF freezers are made from natural and carefully selected fruits, conveniently packaged to serve all your needs all year round. Andros has researched and decided to introduce to the market fruits catering for the majority of European and Asian tastes such as: Cherry, Cranberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Black Raspberry and Mango.

With outstanding advantages such as:

  • 100% fresh fruits, including imported and local ones
  • Rich in vitamin C and fiber
  • No added sugar, no preservatives
  • Selected from the best fresh fruit sources.

Andros Asia believes that this will be a mighty assistant for your F&B store. With ANDROS, making delicious dishes and eye-catching drinks has never been so easy!

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