Discovering yourself is a journey. Don’t you know that even your fruit choice can reveal a lot about yourself? Let’s discover the real you.


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1. Mango:

If mango appeals to from the first sight, you have a strong personality and standing out in the organization. As you do believe in your own vision and view, it’s a tough job for anyone to influence you. Sometimes, you are recognized as an extremist. However, when your partner is around, you tend to be as soft as a kitten.
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2. Blueberry:

The blueberry reveals that you are a patient, will-powered person. Despite being sociable, you really focus on the close company. You prefer to spend much time doing things, be slow but with high effectiveness. Your strong personality includes being reliable and trustworthy. You love with all your heart and try to avoid conflicts as much as possible.
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3. Raspberry:

“Think quick! Act quick!” is definitely the sentence to describe you. You seem to have no fear when making decisions in your life. You’re well-organized, self-reliant, sincere and honest. Though you look reluctant from the outside, you’re a romantic killer indeed. You usually impress your partner with your sterling qualities, but sometimes also make them disappointed by your ability to show affection.
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4. Peach:

Is it real that peach is your favorite fruit? Then, you must be enjoying the juice of life very much. You are a friendly and out-going person, which makes you the center of attention most of the time. Friends are important to you. You are also a great lover. You forgive easily. However, you don’t like to express your love in public.
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5. Strawberry:

If you pick a strawberry, you are an extrovert and love to enjoy the beauty of life. You love yourself and care a lot about the appearance. You act quickly and may have a bit of temper in your action. Although you’re not so well-organized, you may still be a good team leader. You remain calm and capable of taking prompt actions in most situations. Your charisma in love really satisfies your partner.
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