Fruit jams – The mighty companion for a tasty and attractive cake

Fruit jam is one of the products most commonly used to make sandwiches, toast or juice. When talking about fruit jam, most will probably think about Bonne Maman – a famous fruit jam brand belonging to the ANDROS group, which has won the hearts of even the most demanding customers thanks to its premium quality of well-preserving natural fruit flavor.

Mứt trái cây Bonne Maman của Andros Asia

To meet the diverse and increasingly new needs of F&B businesses, Andros Asia has continued to research and understand the market, bringing the best quality fruit jams such as Puree), paste jam (mashed fruit jam), Filling jam (fruit jam with corpses),…

Fruit jam is now not only used to serve with sandwiches, but also a powerful ingredient for mixing and baking like baked and cold cakes, sauce makings, cocktails, mocktails, smoothies ,… Let’s find out the outstanding characteristics of each of these fruit jams with Andros Asia!

1. Fruit Puree 

Puree refers to the smooth texture of the fruit after grinding. After meticulous grinding and packaging processes, fruit puree will be stored at -18℃ in order to preserve the original rich and sweet flavors of the fruits. That’s why Puree, better known as frozen fruit puree, is the miracle ingredient that offers new flavors in cakes and drinks.

Puree - Mứt trái cây xay sẵn của Andros Asia

Being made from fresh, ripe fruits, fruit puree possesses a very natural color, taste and aroma. Furthermore, these fruits are also selected from the best sources and varieties in Andros Asia’s close and long-term partner farms. This helps ensure product quality as well as product quality while keeping healthy vitamins and minerals.

Puree của Andros Asia có 7 hương vị đa dạng

Making use of fruit puree, F&B businesses will be free from concern about and dependence on season, helping businesses to stabilize the quality of cakes in the store’s menu. Best of all, when using fruit puree, we will save pre-processing time as Fruit Puree can be used immediately after being defrosted, without any need to be cut, pureed or prepared further.

Currently, Fruit Puree is used by many chefs in baking recipes and is made into cake coatings (glaze), cream, mousse… to help enhance the flavor as well as create an eye-catching appearance for each cake. When enjoying the final product, customers will surely be impressed and extremely excited by this novel combination.

2. Fruit Jams:

Andros Asia’s fruit jam is a familiar ingredient in the field of bartending and baking.

Mứt trái cây nghiền nhuyễn Andros Asia

This is a type of fruit jam made according to the traditional French cooking secret by cutting fruits, cooking them with cane sugar to keep the freshness of the fruit and forming a paste. The role of sugar here is not just to bring a sweet taste, but also to increase quick freeze, helping preserve fruit jam for a long time.

Fruit jam is a form of processing that helps to retain the original flavor of fruit for a long time. The making process inhibits the growth of microorganisms, thus avoiding spoilage that happens to fresh fruit over long-time storage.

Mứt trái cây Andros Asia với 8 hương vị độc đáo

This fruit jam can be regarded as the perfect substitute for fresh fruit in baking, adding to the cake a natural and appetizing taste without the need of flavorings, fragrances and colorants. Similar to the case with Fruit Puree, when using Fruit Jam, Bakery and Beverage stores no longer have to be concerned about the season or, especially, the shelf life of fresh fruit.

3. Fruit Jam Filling:

Filling jam, also known as fruit preserve, is one of the specialized ingredients for baking researched and launched by Andros Asia in 2021.

Mứt Filling - Mứt trái cây có xác dành riêng cho lĩnh vực làm bánh

Selected from fresh, quality and succulent fruits, Filling Jam is concentrated to ensure the nutrients contained in fresh fruit while retaining its savory taste. The special thing about this product is its stability, thanks to the absence of changes in substance, shape and flavor, which commonly accompany temperature changes (as in baking or refrigerating processes).

With this Fruit preserve, baking experts can save preparation time and bring out the best in the cake. The product is suitable for baked cake, ice cake or cake topping, cake filling, cake decoration.

Mứt Filling có 3 hương vị nổi bật dễ sử dụng cho dòng bánh nướng và bánh lạnh

Almost all kinds of fruit can be made into fruit jam with a variety of flavors. In addition to some popular Andros temperate fruit jams such as strawberry jam, raspberry jam, blueberry jam, cherry jam, Andros Asia also processes more local tropical fruits into jam, such as pineapple jam, mango jam, kumquat jam, pink guava jam, etc. to meet the mixing and baking needs of Bakery and Beverage stores around the world. F&B business owners can choose from delicious and high-quality jam products provided by Andros Asia with a wide range of flavors depending on their needs.

Andros Asia is a French company in Vietnam that specializes in the production and processing of fruits, specialized ingredients in the fields of beverages and pastries.

To find quality ingredients for restaurants and bars, customers can directly contact Andros Asia through the information below for dedicated advice and support!


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