F&B trend Vietnamese agricultural products: combined with the use of fruit jams in pastries and drinks

In recent years, Vietnam has seen a trend of incorporating Vietnamese agricultural products into dishes, drinks and cakes. Red dragon fruit, purple sweet potato, lychee and durian are all made into dishes with typical fruit flavors. Let’s explore with Andros Asia which agricultural products are popular today!

1. Purple sweet potato

Purple sweet potatoes have always been sold at affordable prices, which many people have taken advantage of to buy and make them into a series of eye-catching and attractive dishes in their spare time and even during social distancing periods to rescue Vietnamese agricultural products.

pha chế sữa tươi khoai lang tím

Purple sweet potato has become a unique ingredient in bartending and baking

Many dishes made of purple sweet potatoes began to be shared widely from personal pages to communities of cooking, mixing lovers and famous chefs, professional bartenders. The most unique feature of this fruit is the ability to not only create natural colors for food & drink, but also provide a great source of nutrients to help lower blood sugar, supplement antioxidants and enhance intestinal health. It can be seen that Vietnamese agricultural products have become an up-to-date trend in the creative world of chefs and bartenders, either amateurs or professionals.

cảm nhận của mọi người về andros

Shared posts from members of Facebook groups

With clever variations, home chefs from everywhere have shared their creative ideas with purple sweet potato, ranging from cakes such as cheesecake, pancakes, dumplings, crepes, purple sweet potato cakes with cheese filling… to tea, ice cream, sweet potato bubble tofu… and even nutritious drinks such as potato milk, sweet potato soaked with fresh coconut milk, lotus seed & purple potato milk…

The creative dishes are all based on basic recipes, with some ingredients replaced by purple sweet potatoes to an appropriate extent, so that the finished products are all attractive dishes that are loved and welcomed by many audiences.

Bánh crepe và tàu hũ trân châu khoai lang tím từ thành viên trên các hội nhóm Facebook

Purple sweet potato crepes and pearl tofu from members of Facebook groups

Thành quả sữa khoai lang tím kết hợp cùng với hạt hoặc lá dứa từ thành viên trên các hội nhóm Facebook

The result of purple sweet potato milk combined with seeds or pandan leaves from members on Facebook groups

In addition, purple sweet potatoes are also processed into natural fruit jams or mixed fruit jams for easier-to-make and more flavorful beverages and cakes. You can refer to some simple recipes with purple sweet potatoes such as: Sweet Potato Macchiato, Purple Sweet Potato & Blueberry Crushed Ice, Purple Sweet Potato Fresh Milk

2. Mango

Mango is popular, which is the second-largest consumption among all fruits, just behind bananas. Not only being popular in tropical countries, but mango is also exported to other countries around the world, most notably India, then Pakistan, Brazil, and Zimbabwe.

The sweet and sour taste of mango has become a distinctive feature for those who want to enjoy a true tropical summer. Mango is easy to eat, reasonably priced, yet also has priceless benefits such as: prevention of macular degeneration of the eyes, anti-cancer quality, strengthening bones, assisting digestion… Mangoes are easy to process and can be flexibly applied in many fields: baking, bartending, making ice cream, jelly, topping…

Bánh Cheesecake, Mousse hay bánh bông lan cuộn Xoài

Mango Cheesecake, Mousse and Sponge cakes from members of groups on Facebook

In addition, mangoes are also processed for ease of use as well as for export. Processed mango products include mango juice, mango chunky fruit jam, mango puree, dried mango fruit, mango slices in brine and mango flour. In the future, the taste of mango will be an indispensable tropical flavor in pastry and beverage shops and bars, across all regions!

Pha chế Mojito Xoài

Making Mango Mojito to cool down in summer

Here are some recipes with natural Mango Fruit Jam that you can use to support Vietnamese agricultural products: Mango Mojito, mango cocktail, Mango Flavored Mousse,… or at www.andros-asia.com/vi/

3. Pink Guava

Pink guava is a type of guava that is easy to grow, gives fruit quickly and is not picky regarding soil type. If being well-cared, guava gives fruit all year round and brings high yield. Besides, farmers will certainly not need to worry about output because pink guava is consumed very quickly. In particular, pink guava is juicy with pink core, few seeds and very delicious and sweet taste. Pink guava can yield over 15 tons/ha/year, with profit many times higher than in rice cultivation (according to Vietnam Agriculture Newspaper).

Cocktail ổi hồng

Pink guava cocktail conquers every customer’s taste

Pink guava is often used in the preparation of drinks, from smoothies, juices to sodas, crushed ice, tea; even mocktails or cocktails can be combined with pink guava. People love the taste of pink guava not only for its unique taste – when mixed, pink guava also gives a very beautiful and gentle pink color, making people feel relaxed and cherished every time they taste that aromatic flavor.

In the future, pink guava will continue to maintain its “heat” and rise to the top of Vietnamese agricultural product market, not only in terms of profit but also in terms of diversity in application and creation.

4. Andros Asia brings natural fruit jams made from Vietnamese agricultural products to the world

Andros Asia, a subsidiary of France Andros in Vietnam, is an expert in the field of production and processing of products from fresh fruit and specialized ingredients in the field of beverages and cakes. Over 100 years in the food processing industry, Andros Asia has inherited the values ​​of Andros and constantly grown stronger.

Andros Asia has set up 2 production and processing factories in the Mekong Delta – which is known as the largest fruit granary in Vietnam, to make full use of the source of fresh and high-quality fruit by processing fruits right after harvest to ensure their freshness and ripeness.

Andros Asia đưa nông sản Việt vươn ra thế giới.

Andros Asia brings Vietnamese agricultural products to the world.

Referring to Andros Asia, one cannot help but mention Chunky Andros – natural fruit jam made from 100% authentic fruit, no preservatives, no concentrates, keeping the fresh and succulent taste of the fruit.

3 loại nông sản Việt đang trở thành xu hướng trong ngành F&B

3 types of Vietnamese agricultural products are becoming trendy in the F&B industry

The three types of Vietnamese agricultural products mentioned above are carefully selected by Andros Asia, processed and produced at two of our factories (located in the Mekong Delta – Vietnam). They will be then exported, bringing Vietnamese agricultural products to the international market, conquering the taste of customers across five continents.

In addition, Andros Asia also has various kinds of fruit jams to meet everyone’s creative demands, ranging from single fruit jam flavors such as Pineapple fruit jam, Peach fruit jam, Strawberry fruit jam, Blueberry fruit jam… to mixed fruit jam flavors like Soursop & Apple Chunky, Melon & Peach Chunky, or even fruits combined with flowers and herbs like Apricot, Acerola & Chia mixed fruit jam,…

Chunky Andros có 18 hương vị đáp ứng nhu cầu sáng tạo trong ngành F&B

Chunky Andros has 18 flavors to meet the creative needs of the F&B industry

To keep up with the trend of the F&B industry, do not hesitate to contact Andros Asia directly for advice and dedicated support, ready to create new and unique recipes for your store!

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