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Easy recipes for delicious and beautiful birthday cakes

Birthday cakes are always a special gift for your loved ones on a special day – not only birthdays, but also anniversaries, wedding parties, etc. In addition to the familiar sponge cake, you can try similar round cakes, with hot-trending recipes like Cheesecake, Bavarois,… Their eye-catching designs and simple looks embellished with natural colors from fruit jams guarantee a luxury feeling with delicious – unique – new flavors, leaving a strong impression on your friends, or family.

Birthday cake recipes for loved ones on special occasions

Let’s prepare the tools and start to make delicious and attractive birthday cakes. Skilled bakers or even beginners who bake at home will not be confused by recipes with ingredients that are easily found. Let’s get down to work together!

Bánh sinh nhật

Currently, there are many types of birthday cakes with trendy fruit flavors

Cheese Pink Guava Gateau  Recipe – Traditional flavor with rich Pink Guava cheese cream

Still the familiar recipe for sponge cake, yet the difference is the taste of pink guava and cheese in the accompanying cream, which can be cleverly combined to create the shape of the cake according to individual preferences. This is a sweet cake for you to give to your loved one!

Làm bánh sinh nhật vị ổi hồng

Pink guava cake is easy to decorate with your creative ideas



  • Wheat flour 11: 60g
  • Chicken eggs: 4 eggs
  • Sugar: 60g
  • Cornstarch: 20g
  • Vanilla powder: 1g
  • Cooking oil: 40ml
  • Fresh milk: 40ml

How to make:

  • Separate the whites and yolks
  • Mix the yolk with cooking oil, fresh milk, vanilla, flour 11, cornstarch
  • Mix egg white and sugar
  • Mix the two mixtures of whites and yolks, until evenly smooth
  • Put in a 60×40 cm baking tray
  • Bake at 170 degrees, for 15 minutes



  • ANDROS Pink Guava Chunky: 25g
  • ANROS Strawberry Filling: 100g
  • Sugar-free yogurt: 10g
  • Cream cheese: 31g
  • Lemon juice: 1g
  • Sugar: 5g
  • Whipping 35%: 31g
  • Fresh milk: 50ml
  • Creamy topping: 300g

How to make:

  • Whip sugar, cream cheese, yogurt and fresh milk well (1)
  • Mix ANDROS Pink Guava Chunky into the mixture (1)
  • Lightly whip Whipping 35%, mix it into the mixture (2)

Blueberry White Chocolate Bavarois Recipe – An attractive cake at first sight

Bavarois is a line of high-class cold cakes from France, which is popular in Europe and America. The special characteristic of this cake lies with the mousse and cream layers in the middle, possibly with a coat of cookies on the outside. This cake does not require complicated decoration like other birthday cakes as the color of fruit jam on the top layer is already attractive at first glance.

With a recipe that is not too complicated and does not require high skills from the baker, you can make this cake at home. However, to make the cake more delicious, bake it a day in advance and refrigerate it for better taste!

Làm bánh sinh nhật nhân mứt andros filling

The color of ANDROS blueberry filling jam is really eye-catching



  • Egg white: 150g
  • Sugar: 25g
  • Almond powder: 120g
  • Powdered sugar: 120g
  • Cocoa powder: 30g
  • Whole eggs: 150g
  • Butter: 25g

How to make:

  • Melt butter.
  • Mix almond flour, cocoa powder, powdered sugar and whole eggs until smooth.
  • Beat egg whites with sugar.
  • Add melted butter & beaten egg white mixture to flour mixture.
  • Spread the batter evenly on the tray and bake at 160°C for 12 minutes.



  • ANDROS Blueberry Filling 
  • White chocolate: 80g
  • Egg yolk: 4 eggs
  • Sugar: 75g
  • Fresh milk: 250ml
  • Gelatine: 4gs
  • Whipping cream: 125g

How to make:

  • Beat whipping cream with a whisk until it turns fluffy with soft peaks.
  • Soak gelatine in cold water.
  • Use a pot to heat milk and white chocolate.
  • Beat egg yolks and sugar. Put the beaten egg mixture into the saucepan containing the milk and white chocolate until it reaches 86°C, then turn off the heat. Let the mixture cool, then add the whipped whipping cream and mix well


  • Create the cake outer according to the size of the mold. Add the bavaroise to half of the cake pan.
  • Spread ANDROS Blueberry Filling evenly on top. Cover with bavarois cream again.
  • When the bavaroise is frozen, cover the top with ANDROS Blueberry Filling.
  • Decorate with flowers

Cherry Apricot Cheesecake Recipe – No need for an oven, there are still delicious and beautiful birthday cakes

For the fans who dedicate themselves to making birthday cakes at home without an oven, this cake should be on the “top-list” of homemade gifts for loved ones. It has cream cheese cream with sour taste of Cherry, and a layer of cool apricot jelly; and down in the base is a layer of crispy biscuits. This is such a surprising and meaningful cake – let’s share it with your special ones on those special occasions and anniversaries!

Làm bánh sinh nhật Cheesecake Mơ Anh đào

A perfect cheesecake combines a crispy biscuít base topped with creamy sweet Cherry filling with a mild sour apricot glaze.


  • ANDROS Frozen Cherry : 500g
  • ANDROS Frozen Apricot Puree : 300g
  • Crushed biscuits : 200g
  • Melted butter : 50g
  • Brown sugar : 50g
  • Lemon juice : 30ml
  • Cream cheese: 500g
  • Whipping cream : 440ml
  • Powdered sugar: 100g
  • Vanilla : 10ml
  • Gelatin powder: 25g

How to make:

    • Linen greaseproof paper on the bottom of the cake tray, diameter 23 cm
    • Put the biscuits in a zip bag, mash. Add melted butter and continue to mix. Then put it in the cake tray, use a spatula to compact it. Put it in the fridge
    • Put ANDROS Frozen Cherry and brown sugar, lemon juice in a pan and heat. Stir and mash then simmer for a few minutes until the mixture thickens. Let it cool.
    • Whisk cream cheese and whipping cream along with powdered sugar in 2 separate bowls, then mix cherries, vanilla, and gelatin with a whisk.
    • Stir together defrosted ANDROS Frozen Apricot Puree with gelatin, melt, add lemon juice and gelatin, stir well
    • Gently pour the cream mixture over the cookie base. Continue pouring ANDROS Frozen Apricot Puree mixture on top of cake. Refrigerate for 2 hours or until the mixture hardens
    • After the cake has been frozen, carefully remove the cake from the tray and cover with flowers to decorate.
  • You can see more details HERE on the easier way to make the cake!

Be creative with fruit ingredients to make birthday cakes more attractive

There are many different birthday cake designs for you to choose. However, cakes with our fruit filling offering a special sweetness is a trend in the culinary world today.

Understanding the need to combine diverse ingredients in baking, with high-class ingredients to create true value for cakes, Andros Asia has created products from delicious and clean fruit ingredients that have been researched in order to meet standards and satisfy even strict consumers.

ANDROS Fruit Filling fruit jam was born specialized for  professionals. It will make birthday cakes more diverse, while still safe for health and retaining the natural flavor from the fruit.

Mứt trái cây Andros

ANDROS Fruit Filling – Fruit jam that was born to create attractive fruit flavored birthday cakes

Compared with other fruit jams, ANDROS Fruit Filling fruit jam is evaluated by experts as being able to retain its consistency, taste and shape at different temperatures. When making birthday cakes, you can use them in baked or cold goods without changing the taste.

An important feature for you to confidently choose this fruit jam is that it can be used immediately, without the need for extra complicated steps such as laborious boiling or slugging the fruit, which would risk losing the natural flavor of the fruit.

Currently, the product line has 6 flavors: Apricot, Cherry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Apple and Blueberry – 3 flavors that are easy to use, so that “Bakers” can constantly innovate for not only eye-catching but also delicious birthday cakes.

In addition to premium fruit jams, ANDROS is also known to bakers for ANDROS Frozen Fruit products. They contain 100% natural fruit with a super-fast freezing (IQF) production line, ensuring intact ripe fruits for customers. They are an ingredient that can be used to decorate, complete the flavor of birthday cakes and add to an eye-catching appeal.


For advice on quality ingredients for bartending and baking, customers can directly contact Andros Asia through the information below for dedicated advice and support!

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