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Collection of new cake and drink recipes for this year-end festival

At the end of each year, major festivals of the year will take place in this season such as Christmas, New Year, so that bakeries and cafes are also busy creating new recipes to impress and attract more customers. Here are some suggestions for cake and drink recipes with novelty fruit jams for the year-end party that you can refer to.

1. Collection of special drink and cake recipes for year-end season

1.1. Buche de Noel – An indispensable cake in every Christmas

When it comes to Christmas, Buche de Noel is considered an indispensable cake that is both delicious and beautiful that can brighten up your store. Check out the new Buche de Noel recipe with outstanding quality fruit jam below for this Christmas season. See the recipe here!

Bánh khúc cây

1.2. Chunky Bell – “Chill” a little bit with some mix melody in the last days of the year

Besides the indispensable Buche de Noel cake, Chunky Bell is a drink created from pure, rich espresso combined with fresh milk, blending the sweetness of strawberry jam and the cool taste of mint. Learn how to make Chunky Bell, a combination of strong coffee and fresh fruit jam right here.

Chunky Bell

1.3. Dessert with Raspberries Eve at the New Year’s Eve party

Raspberries Eve is an easy, quick, but equally delicious cake. To make this flavorful art, you must choose quality raspberry jam, the filling has a sweet and sour taste, the base is made from cookies, so it should be baked evenly. After year-end parties, enjoying a sweet dessert with a Raspberries Eve cake will definitely be the best choice for customers when coming to your bakery. See instructions for making quality cakes and jams here.

Raspberries Eve

1.4. Latte Sakura – Sour-sweet drinks should add to your coffee shop menu

Latte Sakura should definitely be added to the menu for this year-end occasion. Made from fresh milk with sweet and sour cherry jam, promises to be a delicious drink that captivates many diners when coming to your shop. However, you should pay attention to choose a quality fruit jam to ensure the best latte. See how to make Latte Sakura right here.

Latte Sakura

1.5. Halelugia

Halenugia is a drink created to make the Christmas atmosphere more warm and joyful. This drink is made from delicious mixed fruit jam including kiwi and cherry jam, combined with fresh milk, and a little cane sugar. Moderate sweet and sour taste, combined with greasy cream will definitely be the drink chosen by many diners for your cafe. Watch right here.


1.6. Sesame Wakame

Freshly created from iconic Japanese ingredients combined with quality bartending fruit jam lines. This will be a novel recipe you should refer to add to your coffee shop menu. Try it now!

Sesame Wakame

2. Puree Andros – Quality frozen fruit puree that bakers and coffee shop owners cannot ignore

To make delicious cakes and drinks, of course, quality ingredients are indispensable, here are suggestions for product lines that bakers and cafe owners should consider when choosing ingredients for your recipes.

ANDROS Puree – Frozen fruit puree is a product line made from selected fresh fruits with top quality. This product line is created by efficient processes and modern technology, all flavors will be kept intact in each fruit. When used in baking, it will help increase the flavor and quality of each type of cake.

The fruit source is carefully selected and harvested when ripe to keep the original fresh flavor for the longest.

Proud to be a specialized product line for baking, Puree Andros products are preservative-free, completely natural, safe for consumers, ensuring the quality of drinks and cakes that are always ready to serve.

Andros Puree is a product line of Andros Professional, dedicated to providing quality ingredients solutions for the F&B industry. The product is produced with high-tech processes to keep the natural fresh taste of every single fruit. To purchase or find out more information, you can contact Andros Asia – a subsidiary of Andros in Vietnam through the information below for dedicated support!

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