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Chill the weekend at home with 7 easy-to-make fruit jam drink recipes

What is your favorite drink during the working day? Tea, coffee, energy drinks, milk tea…? In fact, these stimulants and energy drinks have various side effects, including insomnia, heart palpitations, and increased anxiety and depression. In addition, they also contain many kinds of artificial sweeteners or preservatives that can be harmful to the body.

Therefore, during your leisure weekends, to help your body relax better, you can learn these cool and easy-to-make drinks to prepare at home. Check out 7 colorful fresh bartending recipes with fruit jam right below! 

Red Shirley Recipe

This is a classic mocktail named after the famous American star Shirley Temple. She was the youngest actress in film history to win an Oscar. The cocktail named after her has a characteristic passionate red color, fresh sweetness, and a feeling of energy.

thumbnail andros red shirley 1

Red Shirley has a distinctive red color and sweet fruity taste

Red Shirley is easy to prepare and can be enjoyed by people of all ages, including children. This is a great drink that you can add to the menu of cafes, restaurants, or use for home parties with the presence of both adults and children.


  • 30ml ANDROS Redcurrant Chunky
  • 80ml pomegranate juice
  • 250g ice cubes
  • ½ orange slice
  • 50ml soda
  • A few branches of dried flowers

How to prepare:

  • Put ANDROS Redcurrant Chunky, pomegranate juice, and ice cubes into the shaker.
  • Shake well, pour into a glass.
  • Drop the orange slice into the glass.
  • Pour soda on top and finish the decoration with a small dried flower branch

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Red Smoothie Recipe

Are you a hardworking bee who likes strong and stimulating drinks like coffee? In fact, coffee brings both positive and negative benefits to the body. However, during the weekends, to avoid dependence upon caffeine, let’s enjoy drinks with a sweeter and more uplifting flavor!

red smoothies

Make your Red Smoothie from ANDROS Strawberry Chunky and ANDROS Raspberry Chunky

Red Smoothie is a suitable drink to enjoy on weekends. The rich creamy taste in Red Smoothie will stimulate your mind a little, helping the body to release more dopamine – the hormone associated with feelings of happiness, motivation, memory and ability to focus.

Discover the super easy Red Smoothie recipe with fruit jam products from ANDROS Asia:


  • 10g frappe powder
  • 20ml condensed milk
  • 60ml fresh milk
  • 30ml ANDROS Strawberry Chunky 
  • 20ml ANDROS Raspberry Chunky 

How to prepare:

  • Blend the mixture finely in a blender for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Because the recipe uses ANDROS Chunky Fruit Jam, you will save a lot of time compared to using fresh fruit.
  • Pour the mixture into the cup.
  • Garnish with rosemary leaves and ANDROS Frozen Black Raspberry (IQF)

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Special Mango Cocktail Recipe

Many of us have the habit of going out after a stressful week at work. Bars, pubs, or outdoor parties with fruity cocktails, touched up with a little alcohol, will definitely make your evening more enjoyable. However, if you are too tired of having to “dress up” and go out on a weekend night, you certainly can prepare yourself a cocktail at home.

special mango 1

Cocktails made from fruits and wines help elevate the atmosphere of every weekend evening.

Andros Asia would like to introduce to you the Special Mango cocktail recipe that takes less than 3 minutes to prepare. Let’s explore together!


  • 50ml ANDROS Mango Chunky
  • Shredded lemon leaves
  • 30ml Gold Rum
  • 20ml Cointreau
  • 15ml Passion fruit syrup
  • 2 drops of bitter wine
  • 10ml fresh lemon juice

How to prepare:

  • Put everything in a shaker, shake well with ice
  • Pour into a cup, add soda on top.
  • Add some shaved ice, use lemon slices and lime leaves to complete the garnish.

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Coconut juice mixed with mango

The English name of this drink is “Yellow Coco”, which uses mango to color and add new flavors to the original coconut juice. This is a nutritious, delicious drink; especially it can help beautify the skin of women. Ingredients are extremely easy to find, and the recipe is easy to make with simple tools. Let’s explore together!

yellow coco 2

Use ANDROS Mango Chunky fruit jam to add flavor to traditional coconut juice


  • 10ml ANDROS Coconut Syrup
  • 30ml ANDROS Mango Chunky 
  • 120ml coconut juice

How to make:  

  • Put all ingredients in a jar, shake well with ice cubes.
  • Pour the mixture into the cup. You can use 1 or 2 kumquats with kumquat leaves to decorate. 

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Melon Pool Recipe

On hot summer days, let Andros Asia show you how to make an eye-catching Melon Pool mocktail that stimulates the taste buds with a passionate and delicate flavor. Let’s make this drink right away with a series of easy-to-find ingredients!

melon pool

Melon pool is also a very suitable drink for both children and adults in the parties


  • 20ml ANDROS Redcurrant Chunky 
  • 20ml ANDROS Raspberry Chunky 
  • 200ml watermelon juice

How to prepare:

  • Add ice cubes and shake the mixture in a jar
  • Add 2-3 watermelon balls on top to make the drink more eye-catching.

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6. Little Something Recipe

Are you a fan of complex flavored drinks? A little sour, combined with a little sweet, touched up with a slight bitterness, will help wake up your taste buds. If so, Andros’ Little Something Cocktail recipe will be perfect for you. Let’s find out how to prepare the recipe for this weekend’s menu!

little something

As the name suggests, Little Something is a blend of sour, sweet, bitter flavors and mild aromas.


  • 20g fresh pineapple
  • 40ml ANDROS Peach Chunky
  • 120ml chrysanthemum tea
  • 20ml sugar water
  • 1 slice of lemon

How to prepare:

  • Add ice cubes and shake ingredients in a shaker jar.
  • Pour into a cup and garnish with coriander and parsley leaves.

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7. Hello Summer Recipe

What is your plan this weekend? Meet up with friends to chat? Walking? Or find yourself a quiet place to relax, to watch the bustle around the city?

hello summer 1

Hello Summer – cocktail for romantic souls

Weekend plans can be immediately interrupted with a rushing, passing early summer rain. If you can’t go out this weekend, try the Hello Summer cocktail, which is made with Andros fruit jams for bartending. Let’s try and enjoy Hello Summer under the cool summer rain!


  • 40ml ANDROS Mango Chunky 
  • 10ml ANDROS Strawberry Chunky 
  • 30ml passion fruit
  • 30ml sugar syrup
  • Ice cubes

How to prepare:

Place ANDROS Strawberry Chunky in the bottom of the glass.

Finely blend ANDROS Mango Chunky with passion fruit, sugar water, ice cubes.

Pour the blended mixture into the top of the glass.

Garnish with 1 slice of orange and thyme.

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About Andros Asia, ANDROS Chunky Fruit Jam for bartending

Andros is a French multinational manufacturing group. Andros has more than 100 years of experience in the food and fruit processing industry.

ANDROS Chunky fresh fruit jam with more than 45% natural fruit ingredients is the ideal ingredient loved by professional baristas and bakers. In addition, ANDROS Chunky is also very suitable for those who have a hobby of bartending and cooking at home. The product is packaged in convenient aluminum doypacks weighing 1kg, which is not only simple to store but also easy to use many times.

Andros specializes in providing solutions for high-quality ingredients. Products are produced with high-tech processes, natural, fresh and perfect fruit flavor. To purchase or find out more information, you can contact Andros Asia – a subsidiary of Andros in Vietnam through the information below for dedicated support!


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