With the purpose of bringing smiles of joy to orphaned children, ANDROS is proud to sponsor a charity race event called The Lakes Race, which took place on the 20th of October, at the area surrounding the Stone Lake in the VNU Residential Area.

Racers kicked off the race

The Lakes Race is an annual charity event which aims at helping orphaned and unfortunate children. The event comprises of a short race around the Stone Lake, HCM-VNU Residential Area, Dĩ An Commune, Bình Dương Province. On this occasion, the participants will have the chance to fund a child’s running shoes and other essential equipment, as well as participating in the race directly.

ANDROS’ racers participated in the race in high spirit

This year, around 1000 races turned up at the race, along with 162 orphans. Furthermore, this was a great chance for racers to work out and practice healthy living with both domestic and international friends.

All racers gave their best to complete the race

ANDROS, always committing to community development, is proud to be one of the main sponsors of the event. Through The Lakes Race, ANDROS aims at producing positive values not only for the racers but also to the unfortunate children at orphanages and children care centres such as Quê Hương Centre, Long Hoa Centre, Little Rose Centre, Green Bamboo Centre, and PICASSO Centre. Throughout the race, ANDROS’ Fruit Me Up was widely available to racers in order to provide a quick burst of vitamins, minerals, and energy, helping them to complete the race more easily.

ANDROS race team showed off their achievements after finishing the race

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