Refreshing and invigorating snacks will certainly quench your kids’ thirst. If they are bored of the usual snacks such as ice cream or yoghurt, it’s time to spice up their taste buds with Fruit Me Up 100% fresh purees from Andros!

What is Andros’ Fruit Me Up!


Fruit Me Up! is a naturally sweet snack from 100% crushed fruits and acerola extract (smooth texture, no chunks). Only high quality fruits are selected and conscientiously prepared with no preservatives, artificial colours or added flavour, keeping only the fresh taste and vitamins. This is why Fruit Me Up! is so healthy.

Fruit Me Up! also helps children consume more fruits in a convenient, drinkable form. Fruit me up! 90g pouches are always handy to have on hand with resealable packaging, and are great for on-the-go consumption, meaning they can be thrown into a bag and consumed anywhere- from school lunches to picnic in the park.

With 4 flavors of Fruit Me Up!, just enjoy the fresh whole fruit taste you love with the vital nutrients your body needs in every pouch.

Andros’ Fruit Me Up around the world

After 4 years of presence in hundreds of specialty stores in the usa and a recent relaunch with new recipes, Fruit me Up! is now launched globally. Mothers consider Fruit Me Up! as the best fruit snack that will keep kids happy and healthy, it has become a must-have fruit snack for kids in Germany, Spain, China.

What benefits does Fruit Me Up! bring to your kids

Children have high energy requirements for growth and activity so they may not be able to meet their nutritional requirements through main meals alone due to their small stomach capacity. Hence, children rely on snacks to meet their nutritional needs.

As a grab-and-go fruit snack can provide kids with energy and help them get the nutrients they need on a daily basis, Fruit Me Up! has become the top choice of mothers all around the world.

Andros’ Fruit Me Up! is pure, delicious, 100% purees (no sugar added) with the bright flavors of the tropics (4 tasty flavors). It is a great healthy food option as an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and fibers that strengthen the immune system and support a well-balanced diet of kids. Moreover, Fruit Me Up! also has vital nutrients your kids need for a healthy and active lifestyle, including vitamin K that helps bones grow and get strong. Every 90g pouch of Fruit Me Up! contains the regular intake of fresh fruit juice that keeps kids away from ailments.

Try Fruit Me Up!- the low-calorie fruit snack that will keep your kids happy and healthy.

To find out more, click here to view the full range.

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