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Andros fresh fruit jam topping conquers every customer’s taste

Andros is a long-standing company from France established in 1959, which now owns famous brands such as Bonne Maman, Andros, Pierrot Gourmand, Mamie Nova, Solo Italia, Chef Dessert, Barker’s… So far, Andros has 26 factories around the world, located in 15 Asian countries; Andros Asia is a subsidiary of the group that has 2 factories right in Vietnam.

Chunky Andros Asia - Nguyên liệu pha chế từ trái cây tươi

Not only enriching drink flavor, but Andros Asia’s fresh fruit jam is also a 100% natural fruit topping with healthy vitamins and minerals, without coloring, flavoring or preservative. This is also the reason why Andros Asia fruit jam with fruit chunks is growing day by day and gaining the trust of restaurant, cafe, coffee shop owners and most professional bartenders and people in F&B industry.

Let’s explore more details about this new line of beverage ingredients with Andros Asia through the article below!

1. What is the natural fruit jam topping?

Natural fruit jam topping was born as a creative and interesting invention in the F&B industry, especially in the field of beverage and baking. Andros Asia’s fresh fruit preserve is also known as CHUNKY, a fruit jam that is diced from 100% ripe fruit, offering a grainy feel when enjoyed.

Mứt trái cây tự nhiên Chunky Andros Asia

Andros Chunky product line is made from 100% fresh fruit carefully selected from the best, freshest sources to ensure the perfect taste in every product package. With over 45% of the content made from fruit rather than condensed substance, Chunky fruit jam has gradually crept into F&B stores, from small to large ones, in Asia.

  • Using Chunky fruit jam saves depreciation expense compared to using fresh fruit
  • Diverse fruit flavors, enriching the store menu
  • More stable supply of raw materials than fresh fruit
  • Convenient to use and trade with 1kg packages
  • Enabling easy storage without worrying about decay in a short time

Fresh fruit chunks have added rich flavors, created an elegant appearance for dishes and drinks, and satisfied all senses of diners. Shortly, Chunky fruit jam has the potential to be an ideal ingredient for baristas and coffee shops to freely “get out of the box” to invent new drinks, perfect toppings with high-quality natural fruit flavors.

2. How many kinds of fresh fruit jam topping are there?

Chunky Andros Asia has 18 kinds of toppings with 18 different flavors, ranging from temperate fruit jams such as Raspberry, Cherry… to tropical fruit jams: Purple Sweet Potato, Mango, Pineapple, etc. In particular, Andros Asia has researched and developed more Chunky product lines that combine:

  • Flowers and Fruits: Pear & Chrysanthemum; Lychee & Rose; Berry & Hibiscus
  • Two kinds of fruit: Soursop & Apple; Melon & Peach
  • Fruits with herb seeds: Apricot, Acerola & Chia
các loại chunky andros

Even more, Andros Asia has chosen Vietnam as the location of its factory and warehouse, cooperating with farmers in the Mekong Delta – which is known as the largest fruit-growing region in Vietnam.

Andros Asia đặt nhà máy sản xuất chế biến tại Việt Nam

With strict quality control procedures, Andros Asia not only cooperates in farming, harvesting and packaging to produce purely local products such as Pink Guava, Mango, Pineapple… to meet the high need for raw materials of F&B businesses, Andros Asia also contributes to bringing Vietnamese agricultural products to the international market.

3. What are the applications of natural fruit jam?

3.1 Beverage ingredient

Mứt trái cây tự nhiên Andros Asia không thể thiếu trong lĩnh vực pha chế

Andros Asia natural fruit jam is indispensable in beverage preparation

3.2 Fruit jam for cake

mứt trái cây tự nhiên

Andros’s natural fruit jam is widely used in baking

3.3 Fruit jam can be used to make sauce in savory dishes…

chunky andros

Chunky Andros is used to sauce making in Pan-fried Duck Breasts

  • More diverse applications, natural fruit jam is also a material to make new beverage fruit toppings such as jelly, candy…
ứng dụng mứt trái cây tươi andros

According to Innova Insight Market’s  2020 survey, due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, people tend to care more about health issues. With various advantages such as high nutritional content, non-irritating nature, fresh fruit and fruit-flavored products will be the consumption trend from 2021 onward. Therefore, natural, preservative-free fruit jam will be a “must-have” ingredient in the field of F&B, conquering all kinds of drinks, cakes, dishes… to embrace this sustainable trend.

trái cây tươi

f you are using ingredients such as fresh fruit to make drinks for your store, the price of the fruit will always fluctuate according to the season, causing the price of drinks to increase as well, making the menu of the restaurant unstable. It is very inconvenient when you have to be well-prepared to adapt from time to time. Therefore, choosing fruit jams as beverage ingredients will help save depreciation costs, reduce costs and eliminate dependence on the season. Furthermore, they can be used for a long time and easy to store.

Also, with all the reasons mentioned above, Andros Chunky fruit jam is trusted by experts for its convenience, quality and cost-saving advantage for either small or large beverage business models.

andros asia

In addition, Andros Asia always accompanies customers and partners in long-term planning for businesses, organizes multiple workshops, and provides solutions for customers’ businesses.

Please contact Andros Asia immediately for more advice on ingredients to help optimize costs for your F&B store!


Representative office in HCMC: Room 902 – 904, 9th floor, Women’s Building, 20 Nguyen Dang Giai, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, HCMC, Vietnam

Factory: Lot 47-49-51, My Tho Industrial Park, Trung An Commune, My Tho City, Tien Giang Province

Hotline: +84(0)28 3519 0228

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