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The Partnership Conference with the theme ‘Sustainable Fruit Network Development’ is the biggest event ever of ANDROS in Vietnam. This event is to serve 4 key purposes: to Connect and promote partnership with farmers and fruit suppliers; to Sign the MOU of building the fruit manufacture – consumption chain in Tien Giang province; to Open Go Cong Cold Storage at Go Cong Factory; and to  Celebrate the 5th anniversary of ANDROS in Vietnam.


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Tien Giang, 17th Jun 2022

ANDROS, the leading fruit transformation corporate in Europe, with ANDROS Asia Company as the representative in Vietnam (key products: IQF fruits; frozen fruit purée; fruit jam; ingredients for drinks and bakery products; bottled drinks; fruit products for kids; etc.) has hosted the Partnership Conference at Go  Cong Factory (Go Cong town, Tien Giang province) with the theme ‘Sustainable Fruit Network Development.


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The event marks 4 key milestones of ANDROS Asia in the fruit transformation industry in Vietnam: • The Partnership Conference to connect with farmers and fruit suppliers

  • The MOU signing ceremony between ANDROS Asia and the Association of Tien Giang Co-ops to develop the fruit manufacture – consumption chain in Tien Giang province
  • The 5-year anniversary of ANDROS in Vietnam
  • The Grand Opening of Go Cong Cold Storage at Go Cong Factory of ANDROS Asia

ANDROS Asia is honored to welcome the guest who have played a highly important role in the company’s establishment and development. Firstly, the farmers and fruit suppliers who are partners of ANDROS  Asia. Then the representative authority of Tien Giang province. The event also welcomes the representatives of ANDROS France and the Consulate General of France in Vietnam.


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This is the most significant event ever by ANDROS Asia. On this occasion, ANDROS Asia would like to:

  1. Strengthen the partnership with local farmers and fruit suppliers with the Partnership Conference

ANDROS Asia’s development strategy is to accompany local farmers in every market ANDROS is present, including Vietnam. Thus, ANDROS Asia not only makes fruit purchase but also has the intention to closely connect with local farmers to better understand them, as well as their difficulties.  This is to build a relationship of truly sustainable development between ANDROS Asia and local farmers. Meanwhile, local farmers can have a better understanding of ANDROS Asia’s expectations in output fruit standards. With such intention, ANDROS Asia is willing to invest in developing material fruit regions and ensure the fruit output for local farmers.


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During the Partnership Conference, local farmers and fruit suppliers have been given a full presentation on ANDROS Asia’s process from selecting material fruits and transforming the fruits to finishing the final premium products that are to be exported to strict markets such as the US, EU, and  Japan. There, they have the chance to experience ANDROS Asia’s products, which are also their products thanks to their contribution. This initiative is a part of the long-term strategy by ANDROS  Asia – the fruit expert – to level up local farmers’ mindset and skills, thus helping them achieve the optimal fruit quantity and quality as well as the profits they deserve.


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The Partnership Conference also provides the opportunity for ANDROS Asia to connect with potential farmers and fruit suppliers in Tien Giang province.


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  1. Partner with Tien Giang province to build the fruit manufacturing – consumption chain

To mark the beginning of the partnership with local farmers and fruit suppliers, ANDROS Asia has signed the MOU with the Association of Tien Giang Co-ops on developing the fruit manufacture – consumption chain. According to the agreements of the MOU, the chain will be executed following  ANDROS Asia’s model of agri-tech services, including seedling service; tending and harvesting and post-harvest techniques; output fruit transformation. All aim at sustainable mutual development, as well as the highest quality of input fruit ingredients for ANDROS Asia (Global-G.A.P standard). For the first step of developing the fruit manufacture – consumption chain, ANDROS Asia will collaborate with Tien Giang province to build the material pink guava region of 5 hectares in 2022, and expand the region in the following years. Meanwhile, a material region of high-quality acerola cherry is also going to be established to meet the strict requirements of exportation to Europe and the US.

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Besides material pink guava and acerola cherry, ANDROS Asia is going to work with Tien  Giang province on making a list of potential material fruit regions and building action plans for these regions.


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  1. Celebrate ANDROS’ achievements over half a decade in Vietnam and pay tribute to stakeholders’ contributions to ANDROS Asia’s success

Not only does the presence of ANDROS Asia in Vietnam contribute to the positive changes in Vietnam’s young fruit transformation industry but it also contributes to the economic growth of the

provinces where ANDROS does business. In addition, throughout half a decade in Vietnam, ANDROS  Asia has helped level up the stance of Vietnam fruits in the international market thanks to the application of modern technologies and processes from ANDROS France to local fruits and farmers. One of  ANDROS Asia’s strategic approaches in Vietnam is to cooperate with provinces to establish material fruit regions, aiming at sustainable mutual development and yielding high economic benefits via the fruit manufacture–consumption chain.


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Specifically, ANDROS Asia has carried out the model of Agritech services, including seedling, harvest and post-harvest, and fruit transformation. During the past 5 years, ANDROS Asia has transformed about 20.000 tons of fruits per year; exported more than  40.000 tons of transformed fruits to foreign markets; cooperated with provinces like Binh Thuan to achieve the Global G.A.P certificate for red dragon fruit, with An Giang province for material mango region, with Tien Giang province for material flower region, with Daklak province for passion fruit.  ANDROS Asia has set the objective to 2025 purchase about 30.000 tonnes of local fruits per year.

ANDROS Asia is proud to set a good example of a foreign enterprise that can establish successfully in a potential but challenging market like Vietnam. Hopefully, the success of ANDROS Asia can inspire and pave the way for more French enterprises to establish in Vietnam, as well as strengthen the friendship and increase mutual economic benefits between the two countries.


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  1. Demonstrate ANDROS Asia’s potential to develop vigorously and sustainably in the future via the Grand Opening of Go Cong Cold Storage

The event is not only about networking and celebrating ANDROS Asia’s achievements in the past 5  years. The Partnership Conference also proves the commitment and investment in ANDROS Asia’s future in the Vietnam market. Specifically, ANDROS Asia has celebrated the grand opening of Go Cong  Cold Storage, which locates right at Go Cong Factory. The cold storage has the capacity of 1,500  palettes, located on an area of 6,000 square meters, in which the area for storage, loading, and unloading accounts for 2,500 square meters. The remaining area is the common area and the department of peripheral techs. Go Cong Cold Storage is ANDROS Asia’s strategic asset for continuously upgrading the efficiency and quality of fruit transformation in Tien Giang province.


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Mr. Valentin Tran, General Manager of ANDROS Asia, shared during the Partnership Conference:  ‘Over the past 5 years in Vietnam, ANDROS Asia as a fruit transformation company has always wanted to connect and cooperated with local farmers. This is not only to help them consume their fruits but also to increase the quality and quantity of their fruits, meeting international standards and certificates with the support of our expertise in agri-techs. We have the ambition to establish many more material fruit regions that are sustainable, ecofriendly and safe to ensure the input ingredients for ANDROS Asia, upholding the stringent process from farm to factory the company has always followed. But the success of ANDROS Asia today would not be achievable without the support from the Vietnam government and local provinces, to whom we would like to express our gratitude.”


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In 2016, Hung Phat Fruits Producing Company Limited joined ANDROS corporate, marking ANDROS’ official presence in the Vietnam market. Possessing the strength of local fruit sourcing and fruit transformation to serve domestic needs and export to foreign markets, ANDROS always wants to connect with local farmers, helping them to consume their fruits. ANDROS also wants to apply the expertise to support local farmers in meeting advanced requirements of quantity and quality for output fruits, as well as achieving international certificates.


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Today, ANDROS Asia possesses 2 factories in Go Cong and My Tho (Tien Giang province), and 2 offices in Ho  Chi Minh City and Tokyo, with 20.000 tons of final products per year. The material supply network of ANDROS  Asia expands all over Vietnam, with the key focus on Mekong Delta (which accounts for 35%) and other material fruit regions located in the Red River Delta, the Northwest region, and Central Highlands, North Central Coast, and  Southeast region.

With a passion for creating high-quality fruit products and considerable experience in jam-making, ANDROS  Asia aims at diversifying manufacturing to bring about various product ranges of fruit ingredients for drinks and bakeries.

For further information: www.andros-asia.


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What makes ANDROS different:

  • Enthusiastic experts ready to cooperate with local farmers: ANDROS Asia manages the fruit sourcing process and works closely with local farmers and other partners. Select fruits from the best sources, it takes accumulated knowledge over time from ANDROS Asia’s experts. Thanks to our close relationship with local farmers, we can supervise activities at farms and pesticide usage. In return, local farmers can maintain a long-term and stable source of income, and positively impact the sustainable development of local fruit farms.
  • 100% fresh and ripe fruits: However stringent the fruit sourcing process is, fruits are only delicious when fully ripe. Thanks to our agri-techs and the strategic location of material regions in the Mekong Delta, we can have access to fruits once they are harvested. Thus, we always let fruits ripe naturally. We only start the fruit transformation process once they are fully ripe and harvested.
  • Quality is always maintained at the highest: Our engineers and experts are responsible for managing international-standard manufacturing locations to ensure that ANDROS Asia meets quality standards and food hygiene safety. We manually classify fruits before the fruit transformation process, and every batch of final products is quality controlled and tested to make sure the tastiness lasted for a whole year.


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