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A-Z about how to use Chunky Fruit Jam in F&B Industry

ANDROS Chunky Fruit Jam is an ideal ingredient in baking and bartending. Andros Asia has worked directly with Vietnamese farms for the best quality fruit and highly modern harvesting process, which helps to select the perfect fruits. The delicious taste of the fruit is excellently preserved thanks to modern processing technology, which helps to retain the fresh natural flavor.

mứt trái cây tự nhiên

Chunky is a line of fruit jams with more than 45% natural fruit ingredients

Not only creating a premium taste, ANDROS Chunky is free of preservatives, colorants, thus is safe for the health of consumers. Thanks to that, ANDROS Chunky has become a companion with many F&B professionals in various recipes for baking and bartending.

Let’s take a look at the various uses of Chunky fruit jam in the article below!

1. The versatile uses of Chunky fruit jam

1.1 Use in bartending:

Drinks that can be used with Chunky include mocktails, cocktails, fruit teas, milk teas, yogurt drinks, sodas, smoothies. Chunky fruit jam will replace traditional fruits to create a unique flavor and color for the drink. Besides, the fruit jam also has a more stable color and flavor than traditional fruit does. Using chunky fruit jam is also more convenient than sourcing raw materials and preliminarily processing real fruits.

ANDROS Chunky has a very high percentage of real fruit ingredients. The fruit chunks in the jam helps to create a nice structure for the drink. In addition, Chunky mixed fruit jam can also be creatively applied to create decorative effects such as cup rims, topping for drinks,…

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ANDROS Chunky can be used in various recipes of mocktail, cocktails, fruit teas, smoothies, …

1.2 Jam filling for cold pastries

When baking, the baker should pay great attention to the filling to give the cake a more distinctive flavor, helping diners not get bored when enjoying the cake. ANDROS Chunky can be used as a filling after finishing for all kinds of baked goods, such as fruit jam cakes, fruit jam donuts, tarts, apple pie, and cold cakes like mousse and pudding.

In addition, the baker can also use Chunky as pastry toppings to decorate which will also create a fruit flavor balanced with the dominant sweet taste of the cake.

1.3 Fruit sauce for savory dishes

Using tropical fruit is an interesting trend in professional Western restaurants. Fruit sauces offer diverse culinary experiences, helping to enhance the taste of dishes. They have a natural sweet and sour taste depending on the kind of fruit, which can be combined with salty taste and some typical spices to enhance the taste effect.

Professional chefs often use fruit sauce when marinating meat, seafood, or serving with grilled dishes. In addition, fruit sauce can also be used in pan-fried salmon, toast, salad,… to enrich the culinary experience of customers.

You can check out some recipes for savory dishes with ANDROS Chunky fruit sauce at Andros Asia’s official Youtube channel.

recipe12 28 19

Venison with Champagne and Red Raspberry sauce

1.4 Served with a sandwich

Westerners love to use jam with sandwiches, especially for breakfast. Using fresh fruit jam with a sandwich in the morning can bring the following benefits:

  • Supplementing vitamins and minerals which are beneficial to the body.
  • Strengthening resistance and supporting the digestive system.
  • Making skin smooth and shiny from deep inside.
  • Providing quick energy, making breakfast more convenient.
cach lam 7 mon mut an cung banh my duoc yeu thich nhat 2

Strawberry jam served with chrysanthemum bread

Spread jam on bread, enjoy with a cup of tea or a glass of milk, and your breakfast is complete. Or if you like it more sophisticated, you can bake bread with a little butter, spread fruit jam over the toasted bread, which is not only delicious but also relaxing! 

1.5 Variations in desserts

Would you wish to make a simple yet delicious dessert without spending too much of your time? Then variations from fruit jam will be very suitable for you. With chunky fruit jam, you can quickly prepare items such as fruit ice cream, fruit yogurt, and super delicious fruit jelly. 

panna collata 5

Fast and easy Strawberry Panna Cotta with Chunky fruit jam.

If you want to try something more sophisticated, you can learn to make tiramisu, mousse and panna cotta, using Chunky fruit jam as an option for filling, topping or cake decoration. The fruit jam will help you save a lot of processing effort and time while still offering a quality product.

2. ANDROS Chunky Product Introduction

With the above diverse applications, why not update the ANDROS Chunky product in your restaurant and cafe’s ingredient counter? Even better, ANDROS Chunky has more than 18 different flavors, giving you not only more choices but also the freedom to create new food and beverage recipes.

With more than 45% natural ingredients, ANDROS Chunky fruit jam will help you create great bartending and baking recipes. Chunky fruit jam is packed in convenient 1kg aluminum doypacks, which is easy to transport, preserve and maintain flavor. In addition, you can also be completely assured of the quality of the products and the reputation of the manufacturer. Andros is a transnational producer group with more than 100 years of experience in the field of food and fruit products. Every production process is always supervised by foreign experts to ensure that the product reaching you is the most perfect product.

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ANDROS Chunky has many diverse applications in the making of pastries and drinks.

Andros Asia will provide professional, creative baking, bartending ingredients, and solutions for your F&B stores. If you want to learn more, you can directly contact Andros Asia through the information below for advice and dedicated support!

Representative office in HCMC: Room 902 – 904, 9th floor, Women’s Building, 20 Nguyen Dang Giai, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, HCMC, Vietnam

Factory: Lot 47-49-51, My Tho Industrial Park, Trung An Commune, My Tho City, Tien Giang Province

Hotline: +84(0)28 3519 0228

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