If you are aiming to savour your favourite fruits anytime you want with all of their freshness and ripeness retained, frozen fruits are your ultimate solution. In fact, to add a touch of novelty to your frozen fruits, you can use them to make the following delightful delicacies:

1. Fruit Popsicles

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Being a favourite mid-afternoon snack for children all over the world, fruit popsicles will be the perfect alternatives to fresh fruits. First, you need to defrost your frozen fruits, then, put them in the blender, along with apple juice and, optionally, milk. Afterwards, pour the mixture into ice cream moulds and freeze for 5 hours.

2. Fruit smoothies

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Fruit smoothies do not have to strictly be made from fresh fruits, as frozen fruits can also act as good substitutes without sacrificing the ripeness of the fruits. Fruit smoothies are the perfect after-workout drinks, or on a hot summer day, and even better, the drinks can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

To make the best fruit smoothies, simply pour frozen fruits, yoghurt, and fruit juice into the blender. Blend well and pour the mixture into a cup to enjoy.

You can also be creative and go for a more exotic flavour by mixing different kinds of fruits together. Try the following combinations:

  • Banana – strawberry smoothie
  • Blueberry – pineapple smoothie
  • Mango – orange smoothie
  • Peach – raspberry smoothie

3. Fruit yogurt

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If traditional yogurt bores you out, or if you want to add some spices to your non-sugar, non-fat diet, add a bit of your favourite frozen fruits to freshen the age-old delicacy!

4. Fruit sauce

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Frozen fruits can also be used to make delicious sauces for your favourite crepes and pancakes. Simply cook frozen fruits along with a bit of orange juice and corn starch until the desired thickness is achieved. You can pour the sauce directly over the crepes, or through a filter for a smoother texture.

5. Cocktail punch

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Frozen fruits can be used to make cocktails for your house parties by adding some lemonade or vodka. To make sangria, mix your frozen fruits with red wine.

High-quality frozen fruits must come from the finest fresh fruits, and must be minimally processed through a specialized refrigeration process which helps to fruits to retain their freshness and ripeness. You can buy Andros’ high-quality frozen fruits here

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