When baking a tart or a pie, you could use frozen fruits as a substitute for fresh fruits without losing the flavor and nutritional values. To ensure that your cake’s flavor reaches perfection, try out the following tips from Andros!

Tip #1: Keep your frozen fruits frozen


Should you thaw frozen fruits before using? Here’s why you should keep frozen fruits in the freezer until you are ready to work with them. First, most fruits are about 90% water and usually frozen at their peak ripeness. If you defrost them, thawed fruits will add excess liquid to your ingredients, making pies and desserts runny right from the start. Second, defrosting fruits with soft skin, such as raspberries, blueberries, and raspberries, tend to “bleed”, which causes welting throughout the batter.

Tip #2: Coat your frozen fruits in flour before baking


Another pro tip is to toss small, still-frozen pieces of frozen fruits in flour and blend them in quickly before folding them to batters. This will help absorb some of the excess juice that frozen fruits tend to release, and will help distribute the fruit evenly. This tip also works with both nuts and chocolate chips.

Tip #3: Add a bit of butter into the dough

As they thaw, frozen fruits will release some of its juice, and it does so even more quickly than fresh fruits. This might hurt the taste of your pie, since you might have a soggy-bottom cake. A special tip for baking tart and pie is to add a little extra fat to your dough, which helps the bottom crust to remain crispy and soft. Moreover, you should add 1-2 tablespoons of oil to the main recipe because this will make it the dough easier to roll out and work with.

Tip #4: Add extra baking time


As recipes often include a note recommending an extra few minutes in the oven to make up for cold ingredients. One more thing to keep in mind when baking a pie with frozen fruits is that it may warrant an extra 10 or 15 minutes in the oven because frozen fruits bring down the core temperature of the pie filling. Keep these super-simple tips in mind the next time you work with frozen fruits to bake the perfect dessert.

At Andros, we are proud to employ the most up-to-date technology, aiming for the top-notch quality frozen fruits. Check out the full range of Andros’ frozen fruit flavors here.

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