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4 refreshing drink ideas that should be on your cafe menu

Refreshing fruit drinks are always one of the best options when customers visit your coffee shop. Here are some suggestions to diversify your cafe menu.

1. Fruit tea

Fruit tea is an effective and delicious refreshment tea, popular with many diners and suitable for all seasons of the year. The combination of tea leaves and tropical fruits with ingredients from fresh fruit jam will bring many vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Each type of fruit tea will bring a new taste, arouse the taste buds of diners, making them more comfortable. Here are some fruit tea recipes that incorporate a variety of fruits from a variety of teas!

 1.1.  Assassin Rose – Charming cold-brewed rose tea

Assassin Rose Tea is a combination of cold-brewed green tea with ANDROS Rose Syrup and ANDROS Peach Chunky, promising to bring a drink full of surprises. See how to make it right here.

Assassin Rose

1.2. Sweet & Sour – Jasmine tea combined with lychee and sweet & sour rose

Sweet & Sour is a combination of jasmine tea with rose petals, lychee and pineapple, which will be a unique and unforgettable taste when enjoying. You can see instructions for making delicious jasmine tea combined with lychee and rose right here.

sweet sour

1.3. Apricot Summer Tea – Jasmine tea combined with ANDROS Apricot, Acerola & Chia Chunky

An innovative combination of familiar apricots, acerola and chia seeds with creative recipes from Andros Asia. Let’s feel and immerse in the distinct flavor by the combination of apricot, acerola and jasmine tea. Watch the video below for recipe instructions!

Apricot Summer Tea

2. Fruit Fizzy Drink

Soda can be easily mixed with fruit jam to create a variety of drinks, flexibly combined with many different ingredients to create its own unique flavors. If you are still wondering how to make fruit soda, don’t skip the article below.

2.1. Golden Melon Soda

Golden Melon Soda

As a combination of ANDROS Melon & Peach Chunky, this is a refreshing drink that promises to blow away the heat on uncomfortable hot days, making it easy for all diners to choose. See the instructions here.

2.2. Flavor of Love – Combination from fresh fruit jam and soda

Flavor of Love is a fruit soda that combines the sweetness of ANDROS Strawberry Frozen Puree, ANDROS Melon & Peach Chunky, with a cool soda taste that will make you instantly refreshed. See instructions here.

 Flavor of Love

2.3. Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon is a combination of fresh ANDROS Chunky, dragon fruit and soda. This combination creates a drink that gives you a cool, refreshing and extremely delicious feeling. Try making this amazing drink now!

Baby Dragon

3. Fruit Juice

Fruit juice is also one of my favorite choices because it is both healthy and delicious. In addition to fruit chunks, you can create your own delicious fruit juice with Andros Chunky. Here is a suggestion for Legendary juice, a juice that combines Andros Berry & Hibiscus Chunky with a very stimulating sweet and sour aroma. Try making this drink now!

Nước trái cây

4. Fruit Yogurt

In addition to regular yogurt, cafe shops can add fresh yogurt as a new ingredient when ordering drinks at their shop. A glass of fruit yogurt will help customers recharge because it is both delicious and full of nutrients from natural fruit jam.

sữa chua trái cây

Andros Asia suggests you how to make cool Future Tree yogurt with delicious Andros Kiwi Chunky and Andros Green Apple Syrup. See how to make this drink right here.

5. Andros Chunky – Fresh fruit jam is loved by many cafe owners

andros chunky hạt chia

ANDROS Chunky – fresh fruit jam is researched and produced from 100% fruit ingredients. This is an essential ingredient that not only makes drinks delicious but also multi-functional in pastry, savory , both economical because it can be used for many different purposes, and saves you the cost of preparing many ingredients. Ideal for beverage professionals and cafes to unleash their creativity on new drinks, Andros Chunky is the perfect ingredient with a natural fruity taste.

Andros specializes in providing quality ingredients solutions. The product is produced with high-tech process, natural and fresh fruit flavor. To purchase or find out more information, you can contact Andros Asia – a subsidiary of Andros in Vietnam through the information below for dedicated support!

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