Fruit preserves are familiar ingredients in baking, making drinks, and daily cooking. However, it is not easy to choose a high-quality jar of the preserve among hundreds of brands. So what are some of the most characteristic qualities of a high-quality jar of preserve?

1. Fresh fruity flavor

High-quality preserves don’t use artificial flavor, so the taste won’t be too overwhelming. Instead, the preserve will inherit the airy and mild fragrance of fresh fruits.

2. A balanced taste


A jar of high-quality preserve does not include only sweetness but also a delicate balance between flavors. Qualified preserves must not be overly sweet, sour, or bitter, but every flavor must be finely tuned so that the overall taste is perfectly balanced.

More than just a mix of fruits, a jar of high-quality preserve brings you on a culinary journey that will certainly amaze your taste buds. Layers after layers of flavors dancing harmonically with one another are the key quality of great preserves.

3. Texture

High-quality preserves have a balanced texture, not too thick and not too watery. Thick jellies such as gelatin or watery variants are not considered qualified.

4. Natural ingredients


High-quality preserves must be made from 100% natural fruits grown and harvested through special processes that allow the fruits to preserve their fresh flavours and nutritional values without the need for preservatives and artificial flavourings or colourings.


As one of the best and oldest preserves brands in the world, Bonne Maman has always stayed proudly committed to our strict standards and quality: All preserves must be made from garden-grown ingredients, free from chemicals. No preservatives will be used throughout the processes, and all preserves will be the perfect combination between the fragrance and the taste of fresh fruits. Even better, Bonne Maman’s preserves (products of higher quality than jellies and jams), with their perfect texture, not too thick and not too watery, will be the perfect spread to be eaten with bread, or as ingredients for drinks and for baking.

You can find all of Bonne Maman’s preserves products here.

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