3 different fruit ingredients every bartender should know

Bartending is the creative world of bartenders with drinks that offer drinkers a wide range of different emotions. To create those drinks, some ingredients are considered the most familiar companions that every bartender needs to know.

Once you have commenced your career as a bartender, you should have been determined to become part of the creative world of bartending. The bartender’s playing field is limitless. The more diverse your life experiences are, the better you understand the ingredients, the easier it is to create drinks that conquer both the appetite and emotions of the drinkers.

pha chế cocktail Cocktails are one of those popular drinks that every bartender needs to know.

1/ Drinks popular with bartenders

During the 170-year journey, from the time Jerry Thomas gave birth to mixology to the present, the world of drinks has developed at a monumental pace. Meanwhile, the most prominent and popular are undoubtedly Cocktails, Mocktails and Smoothies.

Mocktails and Cocktails are two types of drinks that are very popular with modern youngsters thanks to their attractive flavors and eye-catching colors. Both of these drinks are a harmonious combination of fresh fruits with other ingredients such as wine or alcoholic beverages.

However, these two drinks have many distinct differences. A cocktail is any concoction of two or more drinks with at least one alcoholic ingredient. It was originally called a mixture of different spirits with the other ingredients in the mixture, including sugar, bitters and water. Besides, to create a variety of cocktails, besides different base wines, the bartender also skillfully makes use of other ingredients to create fruity flavors, bringing uniqueness to the drink.

Meanwhile, Mocktails can have taste, color, and layout similar to those of Cocktails. However, the biggest difference is that Mocktail is without alcohol. It’s a matter of fact that not everyone likes alcoholic beverages. The introduction of Mocktail is extremely suitable for underage teens, the elderly or those with alcohol-related diseases to enjoy a special, emotional drink similar to Cocktail.

The third one – Smoothie – is a mixed drink, made from fruit (quite similar to Vietnamese fruit smoothies). Sometimes to add flavor layers to drinks, bartenders also combine fruit with some auxiliary ingredients such as chocolate, butter, peanuts, milk, yogurt or ice cream… Smoothie’s layout is similar to Milkshake, but with a higher consistency and thickness when compared to other beverages.

2/ 3 fruit ingredients that cannot be left out in bartending

It can be seen that, in either a Cocktail, Mocktail or Smoothie, fruit still plays an extremely important role in helping the bartender create a drink attractive enough to convey his story. A good bartender is the one who must understand the differences and the applications of fruit flavors to bring out the most perfect combinations.

Here are 3 types of fruit ingredients that bartenders most often use to create drinks that are both eye-catching and tasty, opening the doors to their creative playground:

2.1/ Chunky fruit jam

mứt chunky andros

Chunky fruit jam is one of the important ingredients in beverages


The specialized fruit jam that is often chosen by bartenders and owners of cafes, bars, milk tea shops… It is called Chunky – a mixture that is processed into a thick, dense finished product that still retains its original characteristics. Authentic fresh fruit pieces, suitable for various drinks. Chunky is also an easy-to-buy, easy-to-use kind of fruit jam for youngsters to make drinks at home.

Chunky fruit jam is one of the important ingredients in beverages with great complementary uses in coloring and flavoring the drink. Fruit jam is divided into many different types, the most popular with users are 3 types: sugared jam, puree jam and jelly jam.


Chunky fruit jams are often chosen by bartenders as the main fruit flavoring ingredients for Cocktails, Mocktails and Smoothies. In addition, Chunky fruit jams can also be used to decorate drinks or cakes.

2.2/ IQF frozen fruit

Trái cây đông lạnh

Frozen fruit preserves the freshness and nutrition of the fruits


IQF is an acronym for Individual Quickly Freezer, which is considered as IQF is a method that does not allow large ice crystals to form in vegetable cells. Also, since each piece is individually frozen, particles do not cohere, and the final product is not frozen into a solid block. This is also the technology that Andros Asia applies to its Frozen Fruit (IQF fruit) product.

Frozen fruit perfectly preserves the freshness and nutrition of natural fruits, either temperate or tropical, while retaining the natural flavor and juiciness of the fruit. Frozen fruit also helps maintain the consistency in original size and color of the fruit.

Offering a longer shelf-life to frozen fruits than other freezing methods, IQF is convenient for year-round usage, regardless of the season.


Frozen fruit is a perfect ingredient to help F&B stores save time and optimize costs. Not only used to make smoothies and juices, IQF fruit is also used to make cakes, to mix drinks, and even to make sauces… which are delicious and nutritious.


Fruit flavoured syrup is used as an indispensable ingredient for every bartender.

2.3/ Syrup (syrup mixer)


Syrup is a kind of liquid concoction that is thick and sweet, with a variety of colors and flavors, mainly made from fruit juices or extracts from flowers and herbs.

Originally, Syrup was used in the Arab region with the main use of treating cough for children. Thanks to its attractive taste when mixed with other drinks (wine, coffee, soda…) now, Syrup has been widely produced to be used as an indispensable bartending ingredient of beverages everywhere.


With a variety of flavoured Syrup, bartenders can freely create new drinks from smoothies or ice blended to Cocktails, Fruit Mocktails, Soda, Tea, etc. with fruit flavors.

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